Southern Hospitality Is a Hot Mess, But We Love It

Southern Hospitality hot mess
Photo by: Jeff Daly/Bravo via Getty Images

One of Bravo’s latest creations, Southern Hospitality, is a toss-up for fans on whether or not it is worth watching. The premise is much like Vanderpump Rules, only more Southern. Choosing to film the nightlife on King Street is nothing short of perfection as Leva Bonaparte opens her nightclub doors to viewers. The cast is young, hot, and naïve, which always makes for some great TV moments. Between the competition at work and the friendship circle starting to implode, I am not ashamed to say that this series is my new guilty pleasure. And I don’t think you should sleep on the show. 

Why Southern Hospitality Is a Slow Burn

Okay, so hear me out. I am well aware that not everyone found Leva enjoyable to watch when she was on Southern Charm, BUT you are going to love her on Southern Hospitality. Spoiler alert! It’s taken two seasons, but I finally was able to see Leva fight and fire an employee, and the entire scene was glorious. In general, Leva isn’t really involved and really allows her employees to get the camera time. She is around but is in no way the center of the show, like Lisa Vanderpump was at the start of VPR.

The first episode is always hard to grab the interest of any viewer, but give it a chance. You meet Grace Lilly, who is just “Wavy baby,” (you gotta watch to get the phrase.) The entire cast is way more relatable and fun to watch, especially since they haven’t been living inside the Bravo Matrix for almost 10 years like some other personalities.

The Drama Surpasses VPR

Okay, I know you might not believe me, but this show has cheating, backstabbing friends, plots for revenge, and even a bicycle cabby looking for love. I’m telling you, it is a whole lot better than Scandoval.

For example, one of the managers, Maddi Reese, found out during Season 1 that her boyfriend, Trevor, was cheating. Naturally, after a break, the couple got back together. Season 2 has Maddie’s co-worker Bradley Carter claiming Trevor cheated again! But here’s the twist: Brad may have asked the girl to lie to get back at Maddi for saying he got a BJ in the alley! You just can’t make this stuff up.

Another storyline revolves around Emmy Sharrett, who used to be a VIP server but recently got a promotion to General Assistant Manager. The catch? She had to step on a few people to get it including her former friend, Maddi. Season 2 is showing Emmy alleging that Maddi’s priorities were less and less about Republic. And who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned fight on Bravo?

Why Fans Want A Third Season

Okay, so I won’t try to claim that every Bravo viewer wants another season of Southern Hospitality, but a lot of us do! The series is easy watching just like Vanderpump Rules used to be.

Even though the series has only just finished airing its second season, it was given a trip to Miami. There, many of the cast had their feet held to the fire. The trip was a beautiful mess, which even had Oisin O’Neill (the alleged butt grabber from VPR) getting himself into trouble when he tried to step up to some of the women while playing a friendly game of volleyball. 

The Season 2 reunion was also a sight to behold. There was plenty of drama, and they all did their very best to earn a third season. The cast is incredibly messy and, at many times, cringey, which, for me, is all I could want in a trash TV show. It isn’t VPR, not yet, but every show has to start somewhere, and I think Southern Hospitality can be a major hit for the network. So give it a chance. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Southern Hospitality Seasons 1-2 are available to stream now on Peacock.