Below Deck’s Jared Woodin Isn’t a Good Bosun: Here’s Why

Below Deck bosun Jared Woodin
Photo Credit: WWHL via YouTube

The nautical franchise is back with a vengeance, and Below Deck is already making waves thanks to its airy-fairy bosun, Jared Woodin. The father-of-one has already admitted he has a touch of ADD, but finds ways to succeed in whatever he is doing. Between his flirting with Barbie Pascual and his positive attitude, he looked like he might be the perfect fit for the new season. But, a recent string of mishaps has me thinking he might not be cut out for the crystal blue waters of Grenada. 

Trouble at Home

Let’s face it: Jared has had trouble on deck since he walked the gangway. But problems at home are creeping into his mind on a daily basis. Jared shared with Captain Kerry Titheradge that he was a father-of-one, a daughter who didn’t see often.

Viewers learned that he had never met his three-year-old daughter, who lives in Alaska, because he had only just found out about her. Jared does, however, get to communicate with her twice a week via phone, but when his signal is too low, he has a meltdown. 

The Florida native shared with the crew that the mother of his child “said she didn’t particularly want me to be a part of things.” Jared admitted he wasn’t ready to be a dad at the time, noting, “I haven’t met my daughter yet because, at the time that I found out she was pregnant, it was a shell shock to me; I wasn’t ready for it. I didn’t handle it properly, and I’m trying like hell to correct that.”

Jared might have been a great bosun, but this season might only be showing his downfall as he noted, “Like, I want her to get to know me. I want to get to know her. But, it’s hard to sew back a wound without leaving a scar behind.”

Jared Isn’t a Natural Bosun, or Leader

Ben Willoughby is making it known that he is not a fan of their fearless leader. Ben’s major crux for an argument is that he doesn’t feel Jared knows how to do his job properly. Personally, Ben is being a bit overzealous and a brown-noser, so I’m going to need him to calm down. But I can see what the Australian is seeing since the father of one has dropped the ball a few times.

Ben’s first major issue came when Jared dropped anchor with one too many shackles, essentially reporting to the Captain that he hadn’t been told by Ben. In fairness, Ben isn’t exactly the messenger I’d trust, but Jared also didn’t double-check with Captain Kerry. Ben is no fan of Jared’s work style, but Ben is also calculating. It is clear that he wants the position for himself and is probably enjoying Jared’s downfall. Sadly, Jared is barely holding his head above water. 

The Season Is Only Getting Harder

This last charter really showed Jared getting hammered, and dare I say; I felt bad for him. First, he had a very awkward conversation with Captain Kerry after it didn’t go unnoticed that Jared was really feeling weighed down by his personal problems. Captain Kerry also didn’t like that Jared was hungover and not in tip-top shape to get the vessel ready. But perhaps the weirdest interaction was Jared’s odd and aggressive argument with the rations purveyor over towels. 

After being rejected by Barbie, Jared was clearly trying to blow off some steam. And, with the wrong color towels, he found his victim. After asking for the special request, fans heard the provisioner’s response. “We cannot get towels on the island very easily. Especially the model that you are asking for and in a specific color.” Jared fired back, “I just need towels. There have to be towels on this island. White or blue.”

Naturally, we all know you catch more flies with honey. The voice on the phone snapped back, “Listen, if you are a little bit more professional and cordial in your tone, I think it will go across better. Because I feel like we’re having a little fight on the phone here. I’m here to help you.”

I don’t think Jared is at his best, and I imagine he will soon be presented with a ticket home.