Best Below Deck Second Stews

Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

We’ve already covered the best Chief Stews on Below Deck. These were pretty easy awards to dole out, as when they’ve been good, they’ve gotten to stay on-air for awhile. This means that there’s not a ton of department heads to sort through. However, we’ve never really talked about the revolving door of their right-hand man yachties, and over the years, there have been some phenomenal ones on BD.

Many of these stews presented so well, they even got a promotion to the Chief Stew position in subsequent seasons on Bravo. Here’s looking at you, Aesha Scott, Tumi Mhlongo, Fraser Olender, and Bugsy Drake. Out of those not promoted, these are our top picks for the best second stews on Below Deck. Starting with Lara Flumiani…kidding.

Julia d’ Albert Pusey – Below Deck Med Season 1

Julia d’Albert/Instagram

Julia d’ Albert Pusey was Hannah Ferrier’s second stew on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1. At times, I can still hear her adorable accent as she’s flirting with “Bob-ay,” aka Bobby Giancola. As for her work ethic, Julia excelled. She also got along with her entire team, and everyone else onboard, which is a rare feat for this series.

Nevertheless, Julia still knew how to bring the wit, especially in her confessionals. In these, she would often provide honest, but still fun commentary about her coworkers. Perhaps this is why she was brought back for Below Deck Galley Talk, as her quips typically hit their marks.

That said, it’s unlikely that we’ll see Julia moving forward, as she and her husband are adjusting to life with a precious new baby in tow. Since she was such an amazing second stew on BD though, we know that her newest little charter guest will be in excellent hands.

Amy Johnson – Below Deck Seasons 2 and 3

Amy Johnson Lenthall/Instagram

Amy Johnson actually starred on Seasons 2 and 3 of BD. Sadly her first season saw her clashing fairly often with Kate Chastain. Yet, the ladies seemed to find their groove in Season 3. Truly, Amy became the smile to Kate’s resting b*tch face.

On top of her sparkly, upbeat personality, Amy was a workhorse, and the guests all loved having her around. With her Southern mannerisms and her love of a good time, Amy’s popularity with the viewers soared in Season 3. Unfortunately for us, Amy left the yachting world behind after her second season, although she did star on Galley Talk, like Julia, which we loved. Overall, this charming yachtie was one of the best second stews found on Below Deck.

Emily Warburton-Adams – Below Deck Season 4

Emily W Adams/Instagram

When Amy left, Emily Warburton-Adams entered. This warm, witty Brit was everything that a great second stew should be. She worked hard, and she also knew how to make the guests happy. Likewise, she also kept Chef Ben Robinson smiling, and his flower-purchasing scene, with Kate’s help, still makes us smile.

These two actually dated while the season aired, and Emily even moved to Florida, where they lived together for about a year. They eventually parted ways though, which saw Emily moving back to the UK. That said, with such a solid work ethic, many were shocked to learn that Emily was one of the youngest crew members to ever star on this franchise, as she was only 21 years old when she was brought onboard. Even still, Emily nailed it, and she is definitely one of our favorite second stews on Below Deck.

Dani Soares – Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2

Dani Soares/Instagram

Dani Soares had a wild storyline unfold after filming wrapped on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2. Prior to this narrative though, she was brought on as a second stew, but with a wealth of experience already underneath her belt, she easily could have led her team. She easily fell back though, and she and her department Daisy Kelliher struck up a solid friendship, which still exists to this very day.

Onboard, Dani trained the third stew, and she never seemed frustrated when she was pulled around in various directions. Off the boat though, Dani realized that she was pregnant with Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux‘s baby, and that’s when the shiz hit the fan. As we can all likely recall, he demanded a pregnancy test, and then he pretty much stayed far away, once their sweet girl was indeed proven to be his, which, ugh. These days, Dani’s a single mom and a registered nurse, and we know she’ll excel in both, just as did when working as a second stew on BDSY.

Josiah Carter – Below Deck Season 6

Josiah Carter/Instagram

Josiah Carter worked underneath Kate in Season 6, and their bond was really fun to watch, until it turned a bit dark towards their third stew. That makes him a bit controversial as one of our top picks, we’re aware. Yet, Josiah’s work ethic was so pristine, we at least have to mention his better narratives seen. You see, Josiah came onboard as a classically trained butler, and he was also a licensed mixologist, which made him a dream addition to Kate’s interior team.

Likewise, Josiah always made the demanding guests happy, even if that meant wearing a golden banana hammock. This is why, at least workwise, Josiah’s one of our top second stews found on Below Deck.