Barbie Pascual Is the Villain Below Deck Needed


Barbie Pascual has already caused a ton of chaos on Below Deck Season 11. During the first charter, it seemed like Barbie had the potential to bring a lot of positives to the interior team. Barbie has a knack for service, and the guests seem to gravitate toward her. Unfortunately, it did not take long for Barbie’s true colors to start showing.

Barbie quickly went from hero to zero, after her bad attitude became more apparent to her fellow crew members. Barbie is now at odds with several individuals onboard, and Chief Stew Fraser Olender even told Captain Kerry Titheradge about her poor behavior.

Based on everything we have seen from Barbie so far, it appears that she is one of the worst villains Below Deck has seen in some time. While change is always possible, Barbie seems to have already secured herself as the main antagonist of Below Deck Season 11.

Barbie Is Incredibly Disrespectful To Fraser


Barbie and Fraser originally hit it off with one another, but it did not take long for their relationship to turn sour. Fraser recognized that Barbie was good at her job at the jump, although this quickly got to her head.

During the second charter of the season, Barbie becomes frustrated when Fraser asks her to do things a certain way. For instance, when Barbie took a long time making margaritas for thirsty guests, Fraser encouraged her to get them out as fast as possible. Barbie quickly caught an attitude and told Fraser that she needed to add more ingredients. Fraser told her that they were fine as they were, but she insisted on arguing with him about it.

When it comes to the interior team, all stews must respect the wishes of the Chief Stew. Fraser is in charge of the team for a reason, and it is unreasonable for Barbie to get angry with him because of it. After the incident, Barbie called Fraser a d**k behind his back, which was also completely uncalled for and frankly inappropriate.

Barbie Is A Mean Girl To Cat


Barbie has also been pretty mean to Cat Baugh this season, despite them having an intervention with Fraser. During the first charter, it was unclear who was in the wrong. Barbie seemed to just be pushing Cat to work harder, as it seemed like her work ethic was slacking at the time. During the second charter, however, it became apparent that Barbie just had no interest in being kind to Cat.

After talking to Cat and learning more about her, Fraser realized that Cat truly meant well. He asked Barbie several times to be more sensitive with Cat, and in turn, Barbie just laughed him off. Cat admitted several times that she was having a hard time connecting with others onboard, which should have been another indicator for Barbie to try harder with her. Instead, Barbie refused to admit she was wrong and kept rolling her eyes when Fraser brought it up.

During the second crew night out, Fraser and Barbie went to grab drinks by the bar when Cat came up to Fraser crying. Fraser is arguably the only person who has gotten to know Cat, and he doesn’t hesitate to take her aside to talk. When he returned to Barbie, he again asked her to be more fragile with Cat. Barbie’s response was to scream at Fraser and become defensive. Instead, Barbie should have simply tried to sympathize more with Cat.

Barbie Isn’t There For The Right Reasons

Barbie Pascual/Instagram

Barbie raised red flags as soon as she was introduced, such as by bragging about her rich lifestyle. She even had to bring her luxury sheets, which just seemed pretty extra, especially for living in a small cabin.

During the premiere, Barbie went on and on about her luxurious lifestyle at home. Barbie talked about taking trips and traveling on private jets, which left some viewers wondering why she was working on a yacht. After receiving tips from the first charter, Barbie bragged that she would be using the money to buy a designer bag. This rubbed me the wrong way, as most of the crew members are genuinely there to make a living for themselves.