The Worst Below Deck Desserts

Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Below Deck’s chefs have mostly come onboard highly skilled. Even still, many kitchen fails have aired on Bravo. Whether a dish was served at the wrong temperature or it had the wrong balance of spices, or even if it was just in general a complete mess, accidents happen. And then there’s dessert.

Not every chef hired has a pastry background. That’s why boxed mixes exist, even though we’d hope for better on BD. But hey, whatever it takes, amiright? Even with these cheats available though, a few have still managed to fumble the sweets, serving up a big plate of WTF in turn.

Now, I’m not talking about the near-misses, like Chef Kevin Dobson’s penis cake. That cake actually looked and tasted good, according to those who ate its large, veiny layers. Instead, I’m talking about the desserts that either looked bad or tasted bad, or even both. Keep reading to see the top 3 worst desserts served on Below Deck…so far.

Chef Natasha de Bourg’s Dessert Table


Chef Natasha de Bourg served up hits and misses on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2. When it came to one dessert though, she chose to go the artistic route, and the end result was…interesting. To be fair, Natasha was actually trying to mimic a famous dessert course that’s served at Alinea in Chicago. While I can understand her shock and wow motives with wanting to recreate this artistic last course, her attempt mostly just fell flat.

To start, Natasha enlisted the help of her crew, who swirled lines of chocolate and other sauces across the table. Next, the crew peppered the table with truffles, chocolates, candies, and fruits. When finished, the guests were to scoop and eat directly from the table. It was awkward for the guests who had to watch their table being messily covered, and for the yachties, who were on the fence about Natasha’s idea.

Not understanding that this wasn’t exactly a hit, Natasha then created another dessert table later on in the season. The second time, the charter guests ridiculously asked for deckhand Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux to slide across their covered table. They didn’t really want to eat it, so why not have some fun, eh? But then, a guest licked some of the sauce off of Jean-Luc, and I gagged, marking this idea as one of the worst desserts found on Below Deck.

Chef Mila Kolomeitseva’s Cake

Below Deck/TikTok

Over on Below Deck Mediterranean, Chef Mila Kolomeitseva served up failure after canned and microwaved failure. Therefore, I wasn’t shocked when she botched a birthday cake for one of the guests onboard. To be fair, Mila claimed that she had never undergone any pastry training during her time spent in culinary school. However, she did state that she would try to figure out a recipe for a cake, and when she said this, I already knew what the end result would be.

Googling must have been confusing during her recipe search, because instead of using baking powder, Mila used baking soda. When Hannah Ferrier did a little taste test, the baking soda taste was overpowering. Mila disagreed, so Hannah went and got Captain Sandy Yawn. Thankfully, Captain Sandy sided with Hannah, and Mila’s cake met the garbage.

Luckily, Anastasia Surmava was onboard as a stew, and her culinary background saved the day. As quickly as she could, Anastasia whipped up a cake to stick into the oven, which impressed Captain Sandy greatly. Even still, when her cake exited the oven, Mila couldn’t leave well enough alone, and she covered Anastasia’s cake with Reddi-Wip from a can, not frosting. Understandably, Captain Sandy was horrified with both of Mila’s cake blunders.

Chef Matt Burns’ Bananas Foster


This one hurts, because Chef Matt Burns is one of the nicest chefs in this franchise. He was also pretty talented in the galley, and most of his dishes were well-received by the guests. Until he decided to make bananas foster, that is. On top of his creation, Matt placed scoops of store bought chocolate ice cream, straight out of the container from his galley’s freezer.

“I hate chocolate ice cream,” one guest declared. Two then asked for vanilla ice cream, but Matt did not have this on hand, so Kate Chastain concocted a quick recipe for a substitute using whipped cream. Thinking on her toes, Kate called her creation “fresh vanilla cream,” noticeably leaving out the word “ice.” The guests were disappointed, and a few wouldn’t even touch their bowls.

As far as the presentation went, Kate quipped “I just don’t know if this is banana’s foster, or if a seagull took a big sh*t.” Matt overheard Kate’s words, but he didn’t raise a big stink, because again, he’s just so nice. If you get a next time on Below Deck though, Matt, maybe steer away from this dessert gone wrong.