Why Maria Georgas Should Be the Next Bachelorette

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Maria Georgas is a standout contestant on The Bachelor Season 28 for many reasons. Initially, it seemed like Maria had a good shot at getting engaged to Joey Graziadei. However, ultimately, she was sent home. In light of her being eliminated, we think Maria should be chosen to lead The Bachelorette Season 21.

Maria Is A Ton Of Fun

(Maria Georgas/Instagram)

Maria is a ton of fun, and her personality would make for an amazing Bachelorette. Ever since night one, Maria has showcased her lighthearted personality. Maria began her journey with Joey by asking about his favorite movies, which is usually not the type of question we see cast members ask the leads. This was a breath of fresh air from the repetitive night one conversations, and it made Maria stand out.

After night one, Maria continued to have fun with Joey and the process in general. Maria made the most of her one on one date with Joey, where she got to choose a designer gown from a boutique in Montreal. On their way to the date, Maria jokingly got Joey to tell her that he loved her in French. Maria just always brings a breath of fresh air, on a show that is often serious and sometimes just cringe!

Maria Has A Lot Of Layers To Her

(Maria Georgas/Instagram)

Despite being lighthearted and fun, Maria also has a more serious side to her. Maria opened up to Joey early on about being bullied in her past. This helps to explain Maria’s tough exterior, and why she is the way that she is. Unfortunately, bullying is somewhat common these days, and the fact that Maria went through it makes her relatable.

Maria later opened up to Joey about her past, as well as her family dynamic. When Maria was about a year old, she got into a terrible car accident with her mother. Maria’s car seat was shattered, and her mother broke nearly every bone in her body. Maria explained to Joey that as a result, her father took the reins on raising her while her mother recovered.

Maria has a lot of depth to her, which is exactly what you want from a lead Bachelor or Bachelorette. If Maria were chosen to be the next Bachelorette, she would, without a doubt, do an amazing job at being open and vulnerable.

Maria Is Direct

(Maria Georgas/Instagram)

One of the best things about Maria is her directness, which is an important quality to have on a show like The Bachelor. Maria has always been incredibly upfront with Joey, even when it isn’t easy. After a stressful 2-on-1 date with Sydney Gordon, Joey asked Maria if she could still see a future with him. She gave an honest answer, and told him that while she wasn’t sure at the moment, she hoped that they could still get there.

Oftentimes on The Bachelor or Bachelorette, contestants or the lead are left unsure of how the others are feeling. When people like Maria are cast, this problem is solved. On a show that films as quickly as The Bachelor does, being direct at all times is critical. If Maria were to be cast as The Bachelorette, the men could be rest assured that she would be honest and upfront with them.

Maria Knows How To Stand Up For Herself

(Maria Georgas/Instagram)

Finally, Maria knows how to stand her ground, which makes her the perfect option for the next Bachelorette. When Maria was confronted with unnecessary drama by Sydney, she respectfully stood up for herself. Maria made it clear that she was not bullying Sydney, and called Sydney out for making things up about her.

If Maria were to become the next Bachelorette, she would certainly be able to handle any drama with grace. Drama is inevitable on the Bachelorette, as the men always find themselves getting competitive and in their heads. Maria doesn’t take nonsense, so she would without a doubt get to the bottom of any problems immediately. Other leads in the past have struggled with this, which is always frustrating to watch.