Lindsay Hubbard’s Worst Moments on Summer House

Lindsay Hubbard
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Lindsay Hubbard is known for her short temper. In the last 8 seasons, fans have witnessed some pretty epic Lindsay meltdowns. From screaming about sandwiches to jealous rages, she’s given us a lot to talk about in the last few years.

In honor of the new season of Summer House, let’s take a look back at some of Lindsay’s worst moments.

When She Tried to Get Even


In Season 1, Lindsay and her then-boyfriend Everett Weston got into a fight while out to lunch with Kyle Cooke, Carl Radke, and Stephen McGee. The fight started after Lindsay found out Everett had slept in a girl’s bed during a night out. Everett tried to explain that nothing happened but Lindsay wasn’t having it. She tried to even the score by telling her boyfriend she was going to “sleep at a guy’s house” that night.

It wasn’t Lindsay’s most mature moment but it was iconic. Who could forget when she pointed at Everett and said, “With a guy, in a bed, and how do you feel about that” before storming out of the restaurant?

When She Wanted Her Boyfriend to Make Her Sandwiches


Lindsay’s sandwich speech has to be one of the most memorable Summer House moments. She was upset that her then-boyfriend Stephen “Stravy” Traversie wasn’t making her enough of a priority, so she proceeded to yell at him while he was working. What made the blowup so memorable was that Lindsay decided to fixate on the fact that Stephen didn’t make her enough sandwiches. She repeatedly asked him, “How many sandwiches have you made for me?” The question seemed to confuse both Stephen and the audience. Who knew sandwiches were her love language? The sandwich speech has become one of the most quotable Summer House scenes and is truly unforgettable. But yeah, it wasn’t a great moment for our girl Lindsay. Screaming at your boyfriend about deli meats while he’s trying to get work done is never a good look.

When She Confronted Paige


During the gang’s Christmas in July party in Season 3, Lindsay confronted newbie Paige DeSorbo for saying she “talks s***.” She marched right upstairs in her sexy Santa suit to tell Paige she messed with the wrong girl. While Lindsay’s motives for confronting Paige were understandable, her delivery was too extreme. She started yelling at her co-stars and it came off in the wrong way. Paige described Lindsay’s behavior as “aggressive” and we have to agree. However, we loveeee when Lindsay told Paige the whole thing felt “very middle school” to her. Iconic.

When She Told Everett to ‘Bow to Her Feet’

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Lindsay’s relationship with Everett was a hot mess. The two were always at odds and it felt like fighting was their only way of communicating. In Season 2, the pair had yet another blowup fight after Kyle’s 35th birthday party. Lindsay was upset at Everett for “chillin’ with the boys”, which led to a huge fight in the kitchen. Her reaction to Everett hanging out with his friends was so over the top and it was hard for fans to side with her. Especially after she told her boyfriend he should “bow to her f***ing feet.”

When She Accused Carl of Not Being Sober

Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Lindsay’s latest Summer House blunder happened after a night out in Episode 2 of Season 8. The drama began after Lindsay decided to ride in a car with the boys instead of the girls. She worried the girls might use her decision against her, so she brought it up to Carl. The conversation didn’t go well because Lindsay returned home from the bars early, yelling about how she “hated” her fiancé. In a confessional, she explained her version of what happened. She said Carl was completely dismissive of his feelings and even accused him of not being sober.

Carl has been sober since 2021 and has been open about his struggles with alcohol and cocaine on the show. Lindsay questioning his sobriety was a low blow, especially since he has been so dedicated to his sobriety. Carl was very upset by his partner’s accusation. In a confessional, he questioned how he was supposed to marry someone who would doubt his sobriety. We don’t blame him. Lindsay’s latest fight with Carl might be her worst moment on the show to date.