Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais’ Best Friendship Moments

Sutton Stracke & Garcelle Beauvais
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Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais are currently our favorite duo on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The two unlikely besties met on Season 10 of RHOBH and have since developed a real friendship. Sutton initially had a hard time fitting into the group but luckily, fellow newbie Garcelle had her back. Unlike some of the cast, Garcelle was charmed by Sutton’s quirkiness and the two became fast friends.

In honor of their friendship, let’s take a look at some of their best moments on RHOBH.

When Garcelle Asked About the Money

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Garcelle and Sutton first bonded over a dinner in Season 10. Garcelle decided to break the ice by asking her co-star better a series of personal questions, including how she got her money and whether her ex-husband took her virginity. Lol. The questions seemed to both appall and charm Sutton. They had a good laugh over the whole ordeal and a friendship began. The two have since referenced the dinner as the night their friendship really took off.

When They Revealed Their Nicknames


At a BravoCon panel in November 2023, Sutton and Garcelle revealed that they have nicknames for each other. Awww. Garcelle explained that she calls her friend “Olive” and Sutton said she sometimes calls Garcelle “Garcelley” or “Celly.” That is so cute! We love that these RHOBH besties have nicknames for each other.

When They Shared What They Love About Each Other

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During a BravoCon panel in 2023, Garcelle shared what she loves most about her friend, telling the moderator that Sutton doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. “She’s just really sweet and she cares about her friends [and] family,” she shared.

Sutton echoed Garcelle’s kind remarks in an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish ahead of Season 11 of RHOBH. “I love Garcelle with all my heart because she’s such a special person,” she said. She also shared that she feels connected to Garcelle on a “deep” and “spiritual” level.

When They Always Sleep in Each Other’s Rooms

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If the RHOBH ladies are going on a trip, you can bet Sutton and Garcelle are going to be roomies. While Garcelle pretends to be annoyed by Sutton’s late-night antics, we know she secretly loves it. Why else would she choose to forfeit her individual room to sleep with Sutton on the Season 13 trip to Barcelona? Garcelle snuck out of her room to have a sleepover with Sutton, which is beyond cute.

When Garcelle Had Sutton’s Back

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Garcelle proved she is #TeamSutton in Season 11 when she had her back during the Crystal Kung Minkoff drama. Garcelle stood by her friend and insisted that Sutton did not mean to cross Crystal’s boundaries after the Georgia native mistakenly walked in on Crystal while she was changing.

The Sutton versus Crystal saga is not the only time Garcelle has had her girl’s back. In Season 13, Garcelle intervened after Dorit Kemsley revealed at a party that Sutton made out with her driver.

“That was between me, Erika, and Sutton,” she told Dorit. “And now I feel like you’re saying it to embarrass her and that’s not okay.”

When Garcelle Was Sutton’s Nurse

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Garcelle was a true friend to Sutton during the Season 11 trip to Del Mar. Sutton sprained her ankle and needed to be pushed around in a wheelchair. While Garcelle complained about getting “stuck with the job,” we weren’t surprised to see her taking on the responsibility.

It was entertaining watching Garcelle take care of her injured friend. The two handled the situation with a lot of humor, which fans loved. At one point, Sutton told Garcelle she was “impressed with her mothering skills,” to which Garcelle replied, “I want a Birkin bag.”

When Sutton Convinced Garcelle to Stay on the Show

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Viewers have gotten so used to seeing these two on our TV screens that we can’t imagine if they left RHOBH. However, Garcelle admitted she was on the fence about coming back to the show in a 2021 interview with Entertainment Tonight. Thankfully, her pal Sutton convinced her not to hand in her diamond.

“Sutton really twisted my arm,” Garcelle told the outlet.