Everything You Need to Know About Kyle Richards & Dorit Kemsley’s Fallout

Dorit Kemsley & Kyle Richards
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Season 13 was a tough season for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley. The two used to be joined at the hip but this year, there was a noticeable rift in the friendship. Kyle revealed she was hurt that Dorit overstepped in her relationship with her sister, Kathy Hilton, at the Season 12 reunion.

Fans were hopeful the women would repair their friendship after they addressed their issues at the Season 13 reunion. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. At this year’s reunion, Dorit shared texts that Kyle sent her prior to filming. The RHOBH star said she felt “manipulated” by her friend and saw the texts as an attempt to silence her. Yikes.

We’re sure we’ll find out more about the former besties’ fallout throughout the reunion. But here is everything we currently know about where Kyle and Dorit stand.

Why The Rift Started

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Kyle expressed she felt as though Dorit was not a good friend to her at last year’s reunion.

 “I think the reason I haven’t reached out to Dorit as much recently is because I really felt disappointed in her,” she said earlier this season. She was not fond of the way Dorit inserted herself into the situation with her sister, telling producers it didn’t feel like something a friend would do.

“In private, Dorit had been saying to me, ‘I feel so bad what you’re going through with your sister.’ And she was really supportive and on my side. And then when we were all together, it was a very different tune,” she said in a confessional.

Personal Woes

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On top of the drama surrounding last year’s reunion, both ladies have been dealing with hardships in their personal lives that have likely contributed to the friendship falling apart. Kyle has been candid about her marriage struggles and Dorit has been wrestling with PTSD after her house was broken into in 2021. They both have a lot of their plate, which has likely made it difficult to prioritize the friendship.

Different Priorities

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Kyle addressed her relationship with Dorit in a January Amazon livestream and fans were shocked to see how dismissive she was about the relationship.

“I love Dorit, but it’s not like, you know, my friends, we’ll go to the gym, we’ll work out together, we hike together. She doesn’t do that kind of stuff,” she said.

Kyle has gotten really into working out this past year, which seems to have created more distance between her and Dorit. The two are spending less time together now that Kyle has found new passions. They might just have less in common than they used to.

Exaggerated Friendship

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Kyle also downplayed her friendship with Dorit in the Instagram livestream. In an episode of RHOBH this season, Dorit said she and Kyle had drifted apart recently. She noted that they don’t go on as many trips together as they used to.

In the Instagram Live, Kyle called Dorit’s statements an “exaggeration.”

“This is not to be shady … [but] we’ve only gone on one trip together as a couple that I can recall, Mau, PK, Dorit, and me,” she said. “We did do Vegas together, that’s true, and then we’ve been in London at the same time, but that was just flat-out an exaggeration.”

At the reunion, Dorit admitted she was hurt by Kyle’s comments in the press.

The Texts


At the Season 13 reunion, Dorit showed Erika Jayne texts that Kyle had sent prior to filming.

“Hi, I’ve been trying to reach out because I know we’re in a weird place and it really bothers me,” one text read. She went on to say she was hurt my some of the comments Dorit made in the press but didn’t “want to lose someone else in my life over a TV show.” She added that she doesn’t see a reason to bring up their issues at the reunion.

Dorit was not receptive to the peace offering, calling the messages “manipulative” and “calculated.”

That’s everything we know about where Kyle and Dorit’s friendship currently stands. Hopefully, we’ll get more information when the reunion airs.