Why Jeramey Is the Worst Villain in Love Is Blind History


Jeramey Lutinski is already the villain of Love Is Blind Season 6, and arguably the worst villain the franchise has ever seen. Jeramey was one of several cast members involved in a love triangle in the pods, between Laura Dadisman and Sarah Ann. Ultimately, Jeramey chose to propose to Laura, who gleefully accepted.

Despite getting engaged in the pods, Jeramey and Laura have had a rocky relationship so far. After some information came out about Jeramey both on the show and via social media, his character has seriously been put into question!

Jeramey Was Engaged When He Applied For The Show

(Jeramey Lutinski/Instagram)

After the season began airing, receipts came out alleging that Jeramey had been engaged when he applied for the show. Jeramey later uploaded a video explanation on his Instagram account, where he admitted that he was in fact engaged previously. He claimed, however, that it was no secret during his application process and that he was not living with another woman when he applied.

Despite Jeramey’s explanation, this just seems fishy. If Jeramey was engaged so close to filming, it’s strange that he’d want to get engaged again so soon. Jeramey should’ve taken the time to heal from this separation instead of jumping right back into another engagement.

All the signs point to Jeramey going on Love Is Blind for clout. It doesn’t seem like he was really ready for another serious relationship. This was not fair to Laura or Sarah Ann.

Jeramey Supposedly Cheated On Laura With Sarah Ann

(Jeramey Lutinski/Instagram)

Jeramey also ruined his reputation after he allegedly cheated on Laura, with no other than Sarah Ann. After Jeramey and Laura began living together, Laura became infuriated when Jeramey came home at 5 am. Jeramey admitted that he and his friends had gone out to a local bar, where Sarah Ann also happened to be. However, that was all that he was honest about.

Laura was understandably concerned, and Jeramey assured her that she had his location. Laura played dumb at first, and asked Jeramey if he really expected her to check his location all night. Jeramey ran with this, and lied straight through his teeth.

Jeramey claimed that he and Sarah Ann were up talking till 5 am. He said she was still upset over what had happened in the pods. When Laura asked where they had spoken, he claimed that they talked in his car that was parked down the street from the bar. Laura caught him in a huge lie, as she had in fact been checking his location. Jeramey had been on a completely different side of town, where Laura knew that Sarah Ann lived. Caught red handed!

While Jeramey tried to be sneaky, he was not smart enough to trick Laura. Allegedly, Jeramey even tried to cover his tracks by leaving his phone in his car. Unfortunately for Jeramey, his Apple watch pinged his real location as being at Sarah Ann’s apartment. While there is no official confirmation that Jeramey cheated on Laura with Sarah Ann, it certainly looks like that.

Jeramey & Laura Will Most Likely Not Get Married

(Love Is Blind/Instagram)

Due to everything that has occurred with Jeramey so far, it’s unlikely that he and Laura will get married. Jeramey and Laura ended a previous episode on a cliffhanger after Laura confronted Jeramey about his whereabouts. Jeramey didn’t seem to feel sorry about his actions and sat with a blank face as Laura expressed her feelings.

The teaser at the end of Episode 9 hinted at more future interactions between Jeramey and Sarah Ann, which are not good for Laura. In one clip, Sarah Ann tells the women that Jeramey told her he would be breaking things off with Laura, to possibly pursue things with her. Furthermore, Jeramey was adamant about meeting Sarah Ann from his first day out of the pods, which showed that he was not really all in on Laura.

It is unclear whether there is a future for Jeramey and Sarah Ann, but it seems pretty certain that there is not one for him and Laura. It would be a huge shock if Jeramey and Laura end up getting married, but you never know what to expect when it comes to Love Is Blind!