What’s Sutton Stracke’s Store Really Like?

Sutton Stracke
(Photo credit: Bravo/YouTube)

Sutton Stracke recently shared that she had successfully kept her namesake store open for four years. Through a divorce, a move, and a pandemic, SUTTON has been a staple in West Hollywood. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has her own unique style, which she brings to her quaint boutique. So, if you have ever been curious about what it is like to shop at her store, let’s take a look. 

Is Sutton’s Store Real?


To put the rumors to rest, yes, Sutton’s store is absolutely genuine. She has a brick-and-mortar shop as well as an online catalog. The mother of two shares her philosophy on her website, noting, “SUTTON is all the things I love and know into a retail concept that will be CONSTANTLY EVOLVING. I promise neither the client nor the shop owner will ever be bored.” It pretty much sounds like I’d be shopping out of her own closet, and I do not hate that idea. 

It’s not a surprising move at all, but Sutton has been forging friendships with the top designers for the last ten years, which have included some of the most elite fashion houses from France and Italy. As fans can see from the series, Sutton has a knack for honing in on important details when it comes to the arts. So, she also wants her store to feel like a gallery where visitors can take everything in. 

Where Is SUTTON Located?


The boutique, established in 1971 with the date being a cheeky nod to the year of the owner’s birth, is located at 636 North Almont Drive in West Hollywood, CA. Some other RHOBH stars also own businesses in the same neck of the woods, including Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards

If you fancy a visit, you can pop in between the hours of 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Saturday. Sunday, the store is available by appointment only and seems to be reserved for the big hitters since most of the collection is over $1,000. 

What Does SUTTON Sell?


SUTTON sells everything, from the wall fixtures to the weird vase in the corner, which all have a price. One of Sutton’s newest designers she has in-house is Brooks Marks and his tracksuit line. Personally, I’m not a fan but it makes sense to tote other Real Housewives merch. SUTTON also sells cashmere sets, Sutton Stracke merchandise, and an evil eye ring for $2,200.

If you are looking to deck out your home, look no further, as SUTTON also carries home decor. A Hollywood Regency chair could easily be yours for $3,200. If you’re in the mood for something super out of the box, there is a wicker monkey chandelier, which is only $3,600. Nothing in Sutton’s store is cheap, with the exception of her own line of merchandise, which is actually quite affordable. 

The Reviews Are In


Several fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have made a pilgrimage to shop, and some viewers have reported on their actual experiences visiting Sutton’s store. “The racks weren’t empty, but there was NO concept, and there was too much cheap Sutton merch for it to be considered a high-end boutique,” one fan wrote on Reddit. Another commenter added, “I’ve been in it; it didn’t smell when I went. I never bought anything, but I didn’t think anything bad about it. Nothing about it really stood out, It was just a very cliche BH boutique associated with someone on TV.”

While many fans have lackluster opinions, Page Six had a few kinder words to say as a writer got to play dress up for the day. Per the article, SUTTON was “elegant yet eclectic.” There is no denying that Sutton has a knack for style as she perfectly dressed the journalist for every Real Housewives occasion. The verdict is in; the next time I’m in Los Angeles, which shouldn’t be too long from now,  I’ll pay a visit and report back.