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Brandi Glanville Was Surprised By Lisa Rinna’s Departure From Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills; Says “She Adds A Lot To The Show”

Given Lisa Rinna’s long and strong eight-year run, many were stunned to hear about her exit from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. After being pressed about her questionable behavior at the Season 12 reunion, the housewife famously yelled at Andy Cohen to put her on pause. Some fans had been calling for her firing for a long time, and many suspected Andy and Lisa’s close relationship was essentially keeping her safe. Thus, the Bravoverse was shocked when Andy finally did put the housewife on pause January 5, 2023.

Ex RHOBH housewife Brandi Glanville shared that surprise and dished about it on a recent episode of E! News. The reality star explained, “I didn’t see it coming honestly because I do feel like she adds a lot to the show. But I do think that it was much needed. And she’s very happy about it, she’s fine with it. She’s like I look forward to the next chapter and she’s very okay with it,” Brandi added.

Given all the drama Lisa did bring to the show, and that there wasn’t an obvious misstep that led to her exit, Brandi is confident the housewife of eight years will be returning at some point.

She explained, “With Lisa we are friends and I feel like she’ll be back. I feel like she needed a pause, just because her mom passed away during shooting. She didn’t really get a chance to mourn that.” As viewers recall, Lisa expressed her mother’s passing had a huge impact on her during the latest season as she struggled through the grieving process. Much of her behavior she partly blamed on her struggle with losing her mom.

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Brandi shared the sentiment, explaining, “I feel like a lot of her antics were because she didn’t have a chance to you know mourn her mom, and all of the stuff. Sometimes you do need a break, it’s a very taxing show.” If anyone can commiserate, it’s Brandi who was previously the center of drama during her tenure as a full-time housewife during Seasons 3-5.

Aside from Lisa’s exit and potential return one day, we hope this paves the way for some new (or returning?) ladies to bring something to the table. Perhaps the long anticipated and hinted at Brandi comeback is indeed in the works. Stop teasing us Andy, and make the announcement already! Either way we look forward to getting another taste of her on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip- Ex Wives Club later in 2023.


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