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What Are These Three Former Housewives Doing Now?

Do you ever wonder what happens to a Real Housewife after they leave/are fired/make their grand exit from the show? I do. All the time, actually. Some housewives I miss more than others, but I’m always curious about what their lives are like after being a reality star. So here are three former housewives and what they are up doing today.

Carole Radziwill

[Princess] Carole Radziwill was a polarizing figure on Real Housewives of New York. Initially, she was the 50 something cool girl with quite the pedigree. She was close friends with John Kennedy Jr. and his wife through her marriage to Anthony Radziwill, who just so happened to be a Polish Prince. Much to the chagrin of a mere Countess Luann de Lesseps. Carole was also a longtime journalist and best selling author.

So the “writer girl” who refused to grow up seemed to charm RHONY fans. That is until her fall out with insta-bestie Bethenny Frankel. The fight seemed to be the catalyst for Carole leaving the show after 6 seasons.

Since then, she hasn’t shied away from criticizing her former castmates and the show that put her on the map. While she might have burned her Bravo bridge, it’s a good thing she had a back up plan. Carole went back into journalism as the Managing Editor for Town & Country magazine. She has also written for the New York Times and remodeled her well-known Soho loft apartment. Remember how much she hated those stairs?

As for her long-time boyfriend and former chef to Luann, Adam Kenworthy, the May-December romance broke up years ago, but Carole shared last year that the two remain friends.

Gretchen Rossi

Oh my god, good old Gretchen “Bass Lake” Rossi. Last summer, I did a rewatch of Real Housewives of Orange County and it definitely gave me a new perspective on the trophy fiancée/singer/Pussycat Doll guest star/former housewife. Previously, I couldn’t stand her. But my rewatch made me feel bad for her. Not just because of the infamous Naked Wasted episode, but because of the relentless bullying by her castmates.

Unfortunately, by the time she started dating notorious housewives thirsty boy, Slade Smiley, my feelings changed. It was hard to root for Gretchen when she stood by as Slade relentlessly tried to make himself relevant on the show. And when she popped the question after years of turning him down, it all seemed like one big ploy.

While the two are still together, they never actually did get legally married. But the two welcomed daughter Skyler in 2019 after a difficult journey with IVF.

As for a paycheck, it looks like Gretchen has focused on being a social media influencer. Which has drawn plenty of criticism given her penchant for using Facetune on both herself and her baby daughter. Sadly, it looks like both Gretchen Christine Handbags and Gretchen Christine Beaute no longer exist. But what I really want to know is whatever happened to that Rolls Royce?

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Yolanda Hadid

This one is a doozy. Yolanda Hadid Foster Hadid joined Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for Season 3. The former Dutch model didn’t exactly sit well with viewers. She was the uber rich wife of music writer and producer David Foster. And I’m taking RICH rich. David is reportedly worth $150 million. Prior to David, she was also married to another Uber-rich, Mohamed Hadid, with whom she had 3 children.

Those kids, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Anwar Hadid, have all gone on to have successful modeling careers. Most notably Gigi and Bella. And that’s no surprise, given how Yolanda pushed them. She caught a lot of heat for telling Gigi to eat an almond on a shoot when she said she felt weak. But her exit from the show was after her extensive yet mystifying health issues. Lisa Rinna ultimately accused her of having Munchausen syndrome, and Yolanda was done. She left the show after season 6.

Nowadays, Yolanda is divorced from David and living on a Pennsylvania farm about 15 mins from where I live. Fun fact – I ran into her at Starbucks and even if she is a monster, she is a very fresh-faced and beautiful one. She didn’t have a stitch of makeup on and she was glowing. I’m sorry to report this, Yolanda haters!

Unfortunately, for Yolanda, that reputation of being a monster has followed her, most recently with a very publicized alleged fight with Gigi’s former boyfriend and father of her child, Zayn Malik. Because of the fame of the former One Direction singer, the press was all over this one. Yolanda stayed mum on the situation and continues to post pictures of her quiet farm life on her Instagram.


[Photo Credit: Presley Ann/Getty Images for WE tv]