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Real Housewives Of Miami Season 5 Episode 8 Recap: Marriage In Miami Is Nearly Impossible And Four Other Takeaways

Even when Real Housewives of Miami has an “off” week, it’s still must-watch TV. Season 5 of the series features our Mojito-holding ladies dealing with divorce drama, the always-shady rumor mill, and, for some reason, a goat in a diaper. There’s no other show quite like it, even in the Real Housewives universe.

Peacock released the eighth episode of Season 5 of RHOM and it wasn’t particularly shocking. Lisa Hochstein is still dealing with Lenny Hochstein’s childish antics amidst their split. Larsa Pippen won’t stop spilling tea. And everyone is still confused about what Guerdy Abraria is talking about. Even though it wasn’t totally memorable, it’s still a good example of how the RHOM ladies are never boring. Here are 5 major takeaways from the latest RHOM episode “Sing and Shout.”

Adriana’s Music Video Mess

Adriana de Moura’s music video for “Fyah” was as disastrous as you might have expected. Kiki Barth was the only one to show up for rehearsal so the writing was on the wall. Adriana rented a boujee yacht and wanted her friends to come ready to work (and twerk), but they just wanted to chill and drink Marysol Patton’s strong cockies. The ladies wouldn’t listen to any direction and they ended up getting the bare-minimum shots for the shoot. Adriana was upset at the girls for drinking and fighting all day instead of caring about her music video.

When Adriana tried to express her frustration, she ended up taking it out on Kiki. Since Kiki was the only one there for her during rehearsal, she didn’t take kindly to being called out. Instead, she decided to shout at Adriana and threaten to sue her director if he didn’t cut all of the shots of her in the final video. Oy vey. Kiki kept it hilarious by randomly pulling out leftover Burger King during the fight and chowing down to declare proudly that with her bloated stomach, she was done for the day. Again I say, Kiki just exhibits icon behavior.

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Alexia and Guerdy Are More Alike Than They Think

Alexia Echevarria and Guerdy both showed up to half-heartedly support Adriana, but they couldn’t move past their personal issues. Guerdy was still upset that Alexia called her out for making over-the-top facial expressions on the sprinter van. Their back and forth was nearly impossible to follow as both women are expressive, but not always the best with their words. Marysol could be more useful on RHOM by acting as the interpreter for these two unique women.

Alexia tried to say Guerdy was heartless while Guerdy called Alexia “ungrateful,” yet no one could figure out why. My head hurts. Alexia and Guerdy went from screaming at each other to sobbing about their familial traumas. If you’re lost, don’t worry — we all were. It seems like these two are more alike than they’d like to admit. In fact, if they could both put aside their egos, they could be good friends. What a shame.

Lenny’s Lying Doesn’t Add Up

Surprisingly, the Lenny and Lisa drama was kept to a minimum in this episode. It’s always lurking in the background, but there weren’t any new hot mic moments or club confrontations. The main issue surrounding Lenny is that despite parading around town with a new girlfriend, he denied to the press that he and Lisa were getting a divorce. To quote Larsa, “WHAT WAS THE REASON?”

Lisa couldn’t even figure out why Lenny told the press that their marriage was on the mend. Lenny has made it clear to Lisa that it’s over for good and he’s moved on like a heartless fool. It seems like he just wants to be in control of the narrative, which doesn’t always work in a highly publicized divorce. Also, lying isn’t a good tactic to get anyone on your side, Lenny. That’s rule No. 1.

Julia Shuts Down Larsa’s Game

Larsa dropped the bomb during last week’s RHOM that her friend allegedly saw Julia Lemigova making out with a man in town. She decided the best time to confront Julia about the accusations was during Adriana’s music video shoot. Messy messy. Julia laughed off the accusations before fessing up that she did kiss her friend, a male designer. She claims the pair were at the Four Seasons and saw someone snapping their photo so they acted silly for the camera. Therefore it wasn’t real.

Larsa calls B.S. because she’d know better than anyone that the paparazzi don’t hang out at the Four Seasons. I can neither confirm or deny Larsa’s claims. Adriana defends her bestie by bringing up last season when Lisa and Julia kissed on camera, yet no one seemed to care. Give me a friend like Julia and Adriana — they will defend one another regardless. Larsa sees nothing wrong with questioning Julia since she’s not ashamed to kiss someone outside of her wife. All I’m going to say is THIS is what I love about the Real Housewives. Petty drama at its finest.

Julia hosted a housewarming party where she has her wife Martina Navratilova talk to Larsa. Martina didn’t care about the rumors. She actually prefers that Julia make out with men instead of women. That was the best response she could have had. Martina also brought up a time when Julia was mad that she kissed Gwenyth Paltrow on TV. The entire thing proves that Martina and Julia are secure in their relationship and Larsa’s little gossip isn’t going to affect that. However, it sure is fun to watch the drama unfold.

Marriage Is Nearly Impossible In Miami

Lisa and Lenny’s problems have all of the RHOM ladies questioning their own marriages. Lisa talks more about how the parties she and Lenny hosted with tons of random beautiful women were a contributing factor to the demise of their relationship. “Miami is a very difficult place to be married,” Lisa says. You can say that again.

Guerdy begins to worry about the status of her 27-year-old relationship. We saw during her solo scenes that she seemed to be more married to her job than her husband, but who knows if that’s just the way it works for them. Nicole Martin brings up that Lisa’s situation is a good reminder for her to maintain her financial independence, despite being recently engaged. As for Julia and Martina, it seemed to remind them why they fell in love in the first place.

During the party, Julia jumped into the water wearing all of her clothes to have a romantic moment with her wife. “Saving one marriage at a time,” Nicole says after giving Julia the idea. After the recent news of Martina’s cancer diagnosis, this sweet scene between the couple couldn’t have been more perfectly timed.


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