Why Scheana Shay Is No Friend To Ariana Madix

Scheana Shay
(Photo by Greg Doherty/WireImage)

There’s no denying Scheana Shay is very polarizing. Some Vanderpump Rules fans hate her, and some people love her. There is no doubt in my mind that she goes up and down in favor. I think most people agree that she has brought very memorable and quirky moments to the show, and she is the key to its success.

Scheana has some good attributes about her, including her humor, whether intentional or not. She is usually also the underdog, so you can’t help but find yourself rooting for the Apples singer. Scheana always puts everything out there for the show: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

However, with the good comes the bad, and the mother of one does have some questionable personality traits. Scheana is often annoying and very self-involved. Even though she often likes to shout from the rooftop that she is Ariana Madix‘s best friend, she isn’t always a good one. It is hard to ignore that Scheana is often what I would consider a fair-weather friend. I will admit she is the truest of friends to Ariana compared to everyone else, but still, she lets her down. 

Scheana Has a Soft Spot for Sandoval

Scheana Shay/Instagram

Like it or not, Scheana and Tom Sandoval have a major history, as Tom was one of the first OG cast members on Vanderpump Rules to embrace Scheana at SUR fully. He would include her in cast trips and pull her in cast photos, while others would have happily left her out in the cold. Even though Scheana said she would end her decade-long friendship after Scandoval made waves, I feel she is really struggling to let Tom go. Ariana has made it clear she won’t have the same friends as Tom, so Scheana has to make a choice.

But even though Scheana has stated she won’t be hanging out with Tom anymore, she still entertains many conversations. Most recently in the back ally of SUR. The two sat down to try and hash out their issues, but eventually, the Good as Gold singer became fed up and walked away. I imagine if I were Ariana and saw them talking, I’d be pretty pissed. It feels a bit sketchy, especially since Scheana tries to pretend she wants to cut Tom out of her life for good.  

Scheana Isn’t Always Honest With Ariana

Scheana Shay/Instagram

There have been a few occasions when Scheana has actually withheld information from Ariana or talked behind her back. In 2016, Scheana took it upon herself to privately message Ariana’s mother about her daughter’s relationship. The main crux of the conversation was to share how terrible and no good Tom was as a boyfriend, which we obviously know now to be true. But at the time, the move was pretty sketchy. The story got even weirder when Ariana’s mother revealed that she was the one to reach out first, but not about Tom. Instead, it seemed Ariana’s mom was just letting Scheana know she would be missing Christmas.

The whole story seemed odd, and it looked like Scheana was trying to portray herself as a good friend. Scheana always wants people to think she is the best of friends on the planet with Ariana, but this seemed more like a setup. 

Scheana Stayed Friends With Kristen

Scheana Shay/Instagram

During Vanderpump Rules Season 3, Tom and Kristen Doute called it quits, leaving Ariana to slide into the new girlfriend spot. But I have a bone to pick with Scheana for her behavior after she noted she would stay friends with Kristen because she “never did anything to” her. Um, excuse me? She harassed your best friend!

If I were Ariana, I would be distraught. I wouldn’t care if she tried to be cordial with Kristen to avoid creating issues. However, I take a really big issue if my best friend were to be friends with someone who wronged me. 

I understand that at the time, Ariana was dating Kristen’s ex, but we all know what comes with being on the same reality TV show; you have to continue filming as a group. But there was a clear line crossed by Scheana. I would be pissed over the matching tattoos, inviting her to the bachelorette and the wedding. The moves just showed me that Scheana finds it hard to hold true to her loyalties. Ariana should be more bothered, especially with how much Scheana brags about being her best friend.