Jasmine Boatswain from The Traitors UK
Photo by Ricky Vigil/GC Images via Getty Images

The Traitors Star Afraid To Leave the House After Online Hate

While Peacock’s The Traitors has a reunion coming soon, The Traitors UK has been making headlines. In particular, one former Faithful has been sharing her mental journey after the series ended.

As with anyone who puts themselves in the limelight, Jasmine Boatswain experienced positive and negative reactions from the public. Such is the risk that reality stars run by putting themselves in front of the camera.

However, it became a lot for Jasmine, who was bogged down by her online detractors. She’s now opened up about how the online commentary affected her.

Jasmine felt that “everyone hated” her after The Traitors

“I wanted to show the human side of me. I have layers, I have emotions,” Jasmine told BBC Newsbeat. “I’m being recognised on the street, which is wild.” Of course, the recognition was a double-edged sword. “With that though, I was exposed to a lot of hate on social media.”

She continued, “Seeing what people had to say about me definitely did affect how I felt about myself, which I felt was a bit of a shame really, because it was an exciting time. It was exciting to be a part of such a great TV show and I kind of let that take away from the experience.”

Jasmine feared that “everyone hated” her, with online vitriol evolving into a fear of being abused in public. “And I didn’t want to leave the house because of that,” she explained. The negativity she saw clouded any positivity she could have and did receive.

“I genuinely couldn’t believe when someone said to me, ‘I really liked you on the show.’ I just thought they were taking pity on me because I just really, really let these comments get to me.” Despite it all, Jasmine said The Traitors’ aftercare team was immensely helpful.

For those struggling with a negative social feed, she recommended stepping away from it all. As for those who attacked her, she said, “I think people get really lost in the fact that they can say absolutely anything about anyone … because I’m just a profile picture on a screen.”

The Traitors UK Season 2 is now available to stream on Peacock, with new episodes dropping weekly.