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Peter Thomas Ordered To Pay $9 Million in Unopened Miami Restaurant Judgment

It’s another bad day to be Peter Thomas. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta husband just got slapped with a massive judgment over a restaurant in Miami that never actually opened. Of course, he’s no stranger to lawsuits related to his fledgling businesses, but this might be the worst one yet.

Radar Online reported all of the details of Peter’s latest legal troubles. A judge ordered him to pay $9 million to DTS DT Retail, the landlord for the restaurant that never launched.

Meanwhile, Peter is adamant that he won’t go down without a fight. This could be a long, drawn-out battle.

Peter’s seven-figure nightmare

You might be wondering how in the world you end up owing $9 million for a restaurant that never even turned its lights on. It’s a tale of big promises and even bigger excuses.

According to court documents, Peter had plans to open an “upscale supper club” called 1 Society. He told DTS DT Retail he would spend $3 million on the new business venture and signed a 120-month lease. Per the deal, Peter was supposed to provide the landlord with tenant plans within 30 days. That never happened.

Then, according to the landlord, Peter stopped paying his rent from October 2022 to January 2023. With no tenant plans and no rent coming in, the landlord decided to sue Peter. In response, Peter denied any wrongdoing.

Peter claimed that he didn’t have to pay the rent because the landlord wasn’t meeting their side of the lease obligation. He claimed they weren’t giving him “sufficient access to the premises.” In Peter’s mind, he was well within his rights to not pay the landlord.

In the lawsuit, the landlord asked Peter to pay the full amount of the 120-month lease plus legal fees, which came out to $9.1 million. The courts sided with the landlord and granted the default judgment. They also ordered him to get out of the unused space once and for all.

Meanwhile, Peter is adamant that he still has a chance to win this case. When talking to Radar Online, he claimed that the landlord tried to micromanage him and refused to give him access to the space leased. He promised they wouldn’t get any of this $9 million they’re asking for, and he plans on appealing the judgment.

“I’m going to win,” Peter claimed. “They’ll never see a dime.” Let’s just hope his current legal team don’t drop him like the last one.