Love Is Blind: Why Season 6 is the Messiest Season so Far

Jess in Love Is Blind Season 6
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Warning: Love is Blind Season 6 spoilers ahead!

The dating show Love Is Blind started strong in 2020, reeling viewers in with its unique premise. By Season 3, however, viewers were starting to get bored. Then, Love Is Blind Season 6 came roaring back this Valentine’s Day with quite a vengeance. It’s easily the most-viewed, talked-about, and TikToked season yet.

Love Is Blind is intended to be a social experiment. Single men and women in any given U.S. city leave their homes to all live together. They date each other from inside individual pods, through a wall. The only way the couples can see each other is if they decide (after about a week) to get married, sight unseen. This season was much more dramatic than past seasons. Read on to find out why we think it’s the messiest season yet.

The Dramatic Editing

Love Is Blind Season 6 - Matthew
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Is it just us, or was the editing this season more dramatic than in most? After episode one, many viewers were confused by Matthew Duliba saying the same “romantic” things to Amber AD Desiree and Amber Grant. We never saw any dates with Matthew and Amber, and only the dates with AD. So we had no idea they had a connection until the two Ambers discussed it in the living quarters. In previous seasons of the show, we were shown everything as it was happening. The new style of editing spiced things up a little bit. 

In previous seasons of Love Is Blind, viewers usually learn about something like Matthew’s two-timing before other cast members. Thanks to confessionals with the different cast members. This season had fewer confessionals than previous seasons, so the audience found out about situations at the same time as the other cast. 

We found out about Jeramey Lutinski’s parking lot shenanigans with Sarah Ann at the same time as Laura Dadisman did. So we were just as shocked as her going in. Because viewers learned about situations like this along with the cast members, the season had a more “real life” feel. 

Alleged Cheating During Filming


Speaking of Jeramey, it seems like Jeramey cheated on Laura with Sarah Ann. Jeramey didn’t come home until the wee hours of the morning one night after he moved in with Laura, and when Laura asked him where he had been, he said he had shared his location with her. Laura played dumb at first, which is when Jeramey told his famous lie – that he and his previous connection, Sarah Ann, “happened” to be out at the bars at the same time and stayed out all night talking in a bar parking lot.

That’s suspicious enough, but it turns out that his location showed Laura that he was not in fact in the parking lot (shocker), but in the part of town where Sarah Ann lived. Some fans think that Jeramey left his phone in the car in the parking lot, but forgot about his Apple watch, which showed him being in Sarah Ann’s neighborhood. MESSY. These two didn’t make it to the altar.

Also, although not cheating, it was heavily implied that Jimmy Presnell had slept with one of his female friends whom he introduced to fiancé Chelsea Blackwell when they first moved in together. The editors, in keeping with their new ultra-dramatic editing style, left this very ambiguous. Hopefully, they will explain what happened in the finale.

Alleged Cheating in Real Life

In a Love Is Blind first (as far as we know), there is evidence that some cast members had significant others when they applied for the show. Receipts started surfacing that made it look like Jeramey (AGAIN!) had been engaged when he applied to be on the show. However, Jeramey posted a video to his Instagram that claimed that although he was engaged before the show (which he never mentioned on the show), his engagement was not a secret and that he was not living with anyone while he applied. Sure, and you also hung out in that parking lot until 5 a.m. We don’t know what to believe anymore, Jer.

In addition, the reality TV blogger The Reality Ashley revealed texts on Instagram that made it clear that Chelsea’s other connection, Trevor Sova, had a whole girlfriend while he was on the show! The texts show that Trevor’s girlfriend was aware of what he was doing. They also show Trevor assuring his S/O that he was not going on the show to “get married.” Sir, isn’t that kind of the point? Which brings us to…

What Show is This, Anyway?

In past seasons, contestants have allegedly gone on the show because they truly wanted to find love. However, between the alleged cheating and Clay Gravesande admitting at the altar that he wasn’t ready to get married, it seems like for the first time, people went on the show just for the clout. This defeats the whole purpose of both the experiment and the show. MESSY!