Drea de Matteo
Photo by Paul Archuleta | Getty Images

Leah McSweeney Teams With Sopranos Star Drea de Matteo on OnlyFans

Leah McSweeney has been making headlines lately. This time around, however, it’s for an unexpected link to Drea de Matteo. And, oddly enough, OnlyFans.

For the few who are unaware, Leah’s been in the news for her recent lawsuit against Bravo. The Real Housewives of New York star made multiple allegations, including that of an unsafe work environment where higher-ups push alcohol onto cast members.

The legal bills will likely cost a pretty penny. Lucky for Leah, she announced her presence on OnlyFans back in December 2023. The endeavor has been lucrative by her own report. Now, even more so thanks to Drea.

Leah recounts being “inspired” by Sopranos’ Drea

Leah announced her collab with Drea via Instagram. She captioned the post by writing, “Well-Behaved B*tches Seldom Make History.” She went on to explain her choice to collaborate with Drea.

“I’ve been a huge admirer of this incredible and talented woman since she starred as Adriana La F*cking Cerva in The Sopranos – but I have watched how she’s gone against the grain these last few years to stand up for what she believes in, and have been so inspired by her courage and independence.”

She continued her caption by writing, “Challenge the herd. Reject the status quo. Married to the Mob.” One commenter wrote, “Except the mob don’t like snitches.” Most other commenters were equally jeering.

As one user wrote, “It’s giving I need to try and stay relevant.” Another referenced the lawsuit, saying, “At least you are not blaming anyone else in this post.” Another still wrote, “Girl you’re not making the history you think you are.”

On the other hand, Leah still had some fans to hype her up. As one fan wrote, “Leah, I knew you as a child— and you’ve always been amazingly spunky … you’re making history.”

In any case, for lawyers, losses, or otherwise, Leah might need the money. Andy’s team are now threatening Leah with their own lawsuit.