Bethenny Frankel
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Bethenny Frankel’s Concerning Comments About Staying Thin: ‘Tasting Everything, Eating Nothing’

Trigger warning: eating disorder, weight, food, and body discussion.

During early seasons of The Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny Frankel hustled to build her Skinnygirl empire. Ever since, she’s periodically caught criticism for comments she’s made about food and (not) eating. Remember that time she thought fitting into her then-four-year-old’s toddler-sized pajamas was a flex? Yikes.

These days, Bethenny makes waves on TikTok and Instagram with her too-close-to-the-camera rants. In her latest assault on eyes and ears, she talked about how she stays thin, and many called her out for encouraging disordered eating.

Bethenny on being thin: “If you never eat until you get full, you’ll be fine”

Bethenny took to her Instagram yesterday to shed light on her eating habits in a recent video, captioning it with the question, “How do I stay so thin?”

For the entire duration of the video, Bethenny frantically gobbled down chocolates while explaining that she often “tastes” but doesn’t consume.

She started by explaining that she plans her calorie intake throughout the day. “So, I pick my spots.” She continued, “If I know I’m going to some crazy doughnut place or hotdog place, I may not have the meal that comes before that.”

Rather than indulging excessively, Bethenny said she opts for a “light” meal beforehand to avoid overeating junk food. She also stressed portion control. “I’m not eating all the doughnuts, or all the hotdogs or all the pizza,” and added, “You’re really tasting everything, eating nothing.”

Of course, she made sure to toss in a plug for her 2009 book, Naturally Thin, which also caught criticism back then.

Explaining her approach further, Bethenny shared, “I never eat to the point where I’m full … Not never, but sometimes,” because it makes her “uncomfortable.”

She added, “So if you never eat until you get full, you’ll be fine.” She didn’t elaborate on what “fine” means to her.

Additionally, B highlighted her habit of chewing slowly. “I’m also a slow eater and I chew slowly. I chew my food thoroughly.” Her obnoxious chewing in the video determined that “slow” must be relative.

The comment section was a mixed bag, but many weren’t here for Bethenny’s advice on how to stay thin.

One user sniped, “how to maintain an eating disorder 101, cool thanks.”

“This is very eating disordered advice … full is normal … speaking as an [eating disorder] therapist,” said another.

A third added, “GENETICS and EATING DISORDER. There that’s her answer.”

First the ravenous hotel room shellfish feasting video and now this? Working to take down Bravo and Andy Cohen must work up quite the appetite for “tasting.”

You can catch Bethenny ranting, raving, or trolling on her socials or Just B podcast.