Winter House Season 2

Jessica Stocker Gives Winter House Fans An Update On Her Relationship With Kory Keefer

Another year of chaos in Vermont has come and gone, and we have another messy season of Winter House to show for it. It featured the typical Summer House stars like Kyle Cooke, whose childhood ski trips basically inspired the show. There were also those Southern Charm boys we can’t get rid of AKA Austen Kroll. However, there were plenty of newbies in Season 2 to keep things fresh. And boy, did they add to the drama.

Craig Conover not only had to handle cohabitating with Paige DeSorbo for the longest amount of time in their relationship yet, but he had an old friend there too. Craig invited Kory Keefer, his other bestie besides Austen, to make some bad drunken decisions in Vermont. We quickly learned that Kory is all about playing games with women and he found his perfect player in Jessica Stocker.

Jess was quite the newbie on her own. Aside from closely resembling Lindsay Hubbard, she also managed to get Paige activated on the trip. Jess’s entire personality is about being pretty and letting everyone around her know it. Therefore, it wasn’t too shocking when she and Kory started to hook up.

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The pair were a bonafide Winter House couple. HubbHouse and Carl Radke may be speeding toward the altar with Craig and Paige not too far behind, but Jessica wanted to be a close third with Kory. Kory, on the other hand, wanted to have his cake and eat it, too. He basically wanted to act like Jessica’s boyfriend in the house but keep it casual once the vacation ended. As we saw by Jessica’s behavior during the finale, she wasn’t happy to be ending the trip as a single woman.

Jessica and her Winter House buddies recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live. She was expected to answer about the Kory of it all, according to Bravo’s The Daily Dish. She revealed the pair texted a few weeks prior after a handful of meet-ups. “We had a trip in New York together and then he came to L.A. a couple times the next couple months,” she added. Considering Jess didn’t start her answer enthusiastically that Kory was her boyfriend, it seems like their status is still as murky as it was in Vermont.

Jessica didn’t divulge too much about her current status with Kory. However, she did admit she looked pretty desperate chasing him around the house. “I look like a crazy person,” she said. “We knew each other for two weeks; I didn’t know what I was thinking.” Hindsight is 20/20. Hopefully, Jessica had similar revelations when it came to her treatment of Rachel Clark all season.


[Photo Credit: Zack DeZon/Bravo]