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Married At First Sight Recap: This Was Supposed to Be Our New Start

Decision day for the Married At First Sight couples was shocking, to say the least. This season it has been practically impossible to keep up with all of the explosive arguments, insecurity and all of the challenges thus far. This has led many of us not to be sure of which couples would actually stay together. Let me just say, I was very surprised in many cases. I have a feeling that we will uncover more juicy details at the reunion and I can’t wait! My gut is telling me that all decisions, may not be final.

It’s time for the couples to take control of their marriages and their futures as they make the decision to stay married or get a divorce. But as they prepare to move forward from the experiment, a shocking realization leads one couple to reverse their decision. Let’s get straight to the recap.

Stacia and Nate

The first couple to decide whether they will stay together or go their separate ways is Nate and Stacia. Recently, the two have been having issues when he felt his wife was diminishing his efforts in the process. Stacia worries that his maturity and lack of relationship experience could result in a loveless marriage. Despite all of their issues, this couple decided to memorialize their wedding date by getting it tattooed on their fingers. That has to mean something, right?

Nate presents Stacia with flowers as they sit with the experts. When asked some of her concerns, Stacia wastes no time pulling out a list. Namely, his anger and mommy issues have become a major source of frustration. Nate reminds his wife that it’s not just him; they both have things they need to work on. Nate decides the positives outweigh the negative in their relationship and choses to stay married. Stacia reveals she had to think long and hard, but ultimately she believed they will be able to overcome their issues. Personally, I think he may run away screaming when he moves into her all white brand new home. But if they are up for the challenge, maybe there is still hope.

Alexis and Justin

The second couple to decide is Alexis and Justin. Despite being the initial front runners of the show, their relationship has been plagued with numerous ups and downs. After Justin’s dog attacked Alexis’ they just couldn’t seem to get back on track. Justin is sensitive and insecure. But his wife isn’t sure she is able to deal with everything that comes with the man she married. Throughout the season, she has complained of feeling smothered, him not being an alpha male and having stamina issues in the bedroom.

While talking to the experts, Alexis makes it clear she didn’t appreciate him continuously reminding him he gave up his dog. Whew! I think if I made that hard decision and my partner didn’t appreciate it, I would remind them as well. Unsurprisingly, Justin wants to stay married. He is practically begging her with his eyes to make the same choice. Alexis reads a letter she wrote agreeing to stay married. But she admits she isn’t sure about forever, but she is willing to give them time.

After saying yes, Alexis makes it clear she still feels they have major issues. She only said yes to give them more time. Things go left quickly, when Justin tells her his biggest fear was his wife quitting. This results in an argument where Justin challenges if she truly wants to give them a real chance. Sigh! Obviously, Justin needs validation and Alexis is unwilling to give him that in the way he desires. In a post interview, Alexis make the decision to change her mind and leave the marriage. I feel bad for Justin, but ultimately I think its for the best. But Justin really have to do this with the rest of the cast all together?


Lindy and Miguel

Lindy and Miguel are next up and I must admit I am curious about how this is going to go. Although they had a great start, these two have had a tumultuous relationship. Both of these people are overdramatic and unpredictable, so I have no idea what is going to happen. Miguel has worried if he could deal with his wife’s angry outbursts and negativity. Lindy feels like his controlling demeanor and him doubting their marriage caused her to constantly second guess things. Despite their challenges they both decide to stay together. Personally, I think we may see an update saying the opposite in the future. The issues they have don’t just go away.

Krysten and Mitch

Our final couple, Krysten and Mitch are probably the ones everyone is the most curious about. Although they have found a way to experience happiness together, no one can forget all their issues. Very early on, Mitch was unsure of his compatibility with his wife based on attraction, social and environmental issues.  He has been uncompromising and Krysten has been too accommodating which has made their relationship unstable. At one point, her frustration bubbled up and she lashed out at the experts when she felt they suggested she should accept him saying he was “attracted enough” to her. Like her, I feel she deserves someone who doesn’t make her insecure.

When Krysten and Mitch sit down it is obvious the experts are advocating for them to stay together. He isn’t able to provide the level of commitment that he knows Krysten deserves. Of course following his speech, she decides that she needs to choose herself. Though they both decide to get a divorce, they still hold hands and say positive things about each other. For some reason, she still feels the need to leave the door open for them to possibly cross paths in the future. Huh! I just want Krysten to value herself more and put her needs above others. Sadly, she had to learn this lesson in front of the other couples when Mitch was forced to admit the door was closed for him.


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