Married At First Sight Recap: Are You My Person?

During this season of Married At First Sight we have witnessed so many ups and downs. I don’t know if this has become one of my favorite or most frustrating casts. I have to admit it; I have definitely been kept on my toes. Just when you think you have figured things out, something happens that makes you doubt everything. I’m ready to get off of this rollercoaster. I can’t wait to see what happens on decision day and the reunion. Something tells me there will be some bombs dropped!

Decision Day is just over a week away and anxiety is high for everyone. One couple finds out if absence really does make the heart grow fonder. But another struggles with a difficult goodbye. Let’s get straight to the recap.

Krysten and Mitch

A ringless Mitch goes out of town for a convention for work. When he calls to check in, he tells Krysten how much he misses her. In a post interview, she says that she and Mitch have become closer after the retreat. I guess we will see how long this lasts. They have a pattern of their relationship being up and down and it doesn’t take much to tip the scales. Krysten tries to pretend she isn’t bothered by the fact her husband was out gallivanting with his female coworkers with no signs of his marriage while he away. Although she is somewhat convincing, it’s not hard to see that she is a tiny bit annoyed.

Lindy and Miguel

After Miguel had a temper tantrum after losing a softball game, Lindy can’t help but vent to some of the other participant. She eventually confronts him on his behavior towards her all weekend. She explains how his attitude made her feel and he finally acknowledges her feelings. Sigh! She is better than me.  I would have been so over him after that retreat. What is the point of going out, if you are going to act in this manner? Once they arrive home, Miguel reveals he is scared that they too many issues. Lindy immediately gets in defense mode because she feels rejected. In her mind, if he is ready to quit over one issue, what happens when things get really tough?

Miguel surprises Lindy with her new insurance card. She requests he make her feel even more secure, before she takes his last name. If you have been watching the show, you know this is something that was important to Miguel that they haven’t been able to agree about. When he questions if that is fair, she admits that her doubts are because he is so doubtful. Of course, Miguel doesn’t like that response and tells her to keep her name. In the coming days, they continue to argue about all their issues. At this point, I’m uncomfortable watching all of this gas lighting and crying. Yikes!

Stacia and Nate

Stacia gives Nate a tour of the new home she invited him to share once his lease is up, post experiment. Just from this one scene, I can tell this is going to be a problem. Everything is white and Stacia has a high standard of clean that I’m not sure he will be able to match. When they go shopping for the house, it’s clear who is running the show. She is unable to release control, but I get it. She had a vision before they even met that she wants to see come to fruition. If he hasn’t contributed anything financially, I think it will be hard for her to give him equal input. Even Nate worries about the power dynamic, if he gives up his home.

Later, the two go on a hike and discuss life as parents. Stacia is shocked that Nate doesn’t think they can have fun as a couple or travel once they have a baby. Both become aware of how their childhood without two parents has affected their expectations as adults. Although they don’t agree, I am glad that they are having this discussion. Given their backgrounds they both want their children to have both parents in the house, so it’s important they can reach some type of agreement.

Alexis and Justin

Justin goes to pick up his dog after not seeing him for weeks. Although the reunion is sweet, it’s sad that he has to give him up. He has chosen to rehome her with one of his good friends after still displayed aggressive behavior in training. Justin wants to give his marriage the best shot possible. Alexis arrives home to witness the dog leaving support Justin. I don’t know if this footage was edited, but I just expected a little more from her. As much as she loves her dog, she has to know how hard that was Justin. Given the way Alexis has acted recently, I’m not even sure if they will still together in another week. She even tells him she hopes he doesn’t throw giving away his dog in her face in the future. Poor Justin!

Justin vents to Nate that he isn’t sure Alexis will say yes on decision day, after he asked her directly. Her only response was she told him she would be patient. He wanted confirmation and didn’t receive anything definitive after sacrificing his dog for their marriage. He tells Nate he feels played and at this point he is leaning towards saying no. Meanwhile, Alexis tells Stacia her own version of events. She worries if Justin has changed enough for things to work.



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