Married at First Sight
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Married At First Sight Recap: No Hug For You

On this week’s episode of Married At First Sight, the experts arrange a couple’s retreat. This will give the group a chance to reflect on their marriages and open up about their issues. With decision day almost here, it’s extremely important that they put everything out on the table. Given most of the couples are train wrecks; this should be an interesting.

The wives and husbands embark on their first retreat together.  One wife is treated to her very first prom when turns out to be an unforgettable night. While there’s laughter, dancing, and the promise of sex for some, there are dramatic outbursts and tears for others. Let’s get straight to the recap.

Lindy and Miguel

Lindy never had the chance to attend prom in high school, so Miguel plans one for her during their retreat. But before the event, things go downhill when he feels like she is demanding him to take photos of her in a rude tone. Although Lindy claims she was kidding, it is obvious he isn’t amused. Yikes! Later, Miguel makes it clear he will not tolerate any more disrespect. Despite her apologizing, he refuses to let it go. He worries that her negativity will become a problem in the future. Honestly, this conversation didn’t need to be addressed all night, especially when the prom is supposed to be in Lindy’s honor. She has apologized, why not move on?. Ironically, they win most likely to stay married from their cast mates.

Just when we thought things were back on track, Miguel gets increasingly frustrated while he is talking and sharing poetry that Lindy keeps interrupting him. I can honestly say she was being annoying. He was literally talking and every few seconds she would interrupt with something unrelated. When he calls her out, she is shocked that he would take issue with her being easily distracted. This time, I have no sympathy. She was being rude and he only mentioned it in a respectful way after it happened all day.

Later, Lindy wants to take a photo and she asks a producer because is she is scared to ask her husband after their blow up. He questions why she asked someone else and is she able to read his energy levels. Huh? Now Miguel, I was on your side with the interrupting, but now you are doing too much. Even Lindy was confused and left feeling like no matter what she does it’s always wrong. I can see why she would be nervous to ask him again, while he is enjoying the sunset. When she asks for a hug to attempt to smooth things over, he says no. After going back and forth, Lindy runs out of the room crying. Miguel attempts to comfort her, but his words don’t make her feel any better. Thankfully, he takes accountability for his negative attitude during the trip. But despite making up, he has another temper tantrum after losing a softball game. Sigh! Please just get a divorce, this is ridiculous.

Stacia and Nate

After the prom, Stacia and Nate save the day when they gift Lindy and Miguel a sex swing. Not only does Nate test it to make sure it is sturdy, and exhibit how it should be used.  They make Lindy and Miguel try out a couple of positions. This definitely broke the tension because everyone was laughing, including me. I was shocked they were comfortable playing around in front of another couple. If nothing else, it helped ease the tension of a stressful night.


Alexis and Justin

Justin reveals he and Alexis finally consummated their marriage and he couldn’t be happier. But apparently she wasn’t left as satisfied or impressed. She basically tells the other women that Justin is lacking in the stamina department. One would think that because he was celibate for so long, he would have had plenty of energy in the bedroom. But at least, they both acknowledge since they had sex they haven’t been arguing as much. As the conversation continues, it’s clear all of their issues haven’t magically disappeared. Justin worries that his wife is going to give up on him. I think we all feel that way at this point.


Krysten and Mitch

Ever since Krysten went off on the experts and Mitch at the pool party she just doesn’t care anymore. First, at the prom she votes for herself to be the most likely to have multiple divorces which shocks her husband. Then while shooting arrows with Mitch, she writes the word attraction and uses it as her target. She even does a hilarious impression of him for the group. But despite all of that, she claims they are in a better space since the pool party. She has definitely loosened up and no longer letting the situation consume her. But that may not be enough to make her want to continue her marriage after decision day.



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