Why Married to Medicine Fans Are Enraged by Simone After the Reunion Special

Simon Whitmore
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Simone Whitmore has been a staple on Married to Medicine since its inception. For the past ten seasons, Dr. Simone has made sure to hold her friends accountable. Now, I love Dr. Simone, but more often than not I feel that she is really the epicenter of a lot of pot-stirring. If it’s not asking questions that cause drama, painting out narratives, or leading the group to think towards a certain way, she is the source of almost all beef.

She has started issues between all the women just simply by adding her opinions or opening the lid. So I always laugh to myself when she and Cecil Whitmore host the couple’s vacation retreat each year because while she may be a hell of an OBGYN, she is no qualified therapist.

However, as a serious fan of the series, I have noticed Dr. Simone seems much more reserved and less interested than she was just a few seasons ago. Between her sons moving out and continuously working on her marriage, I wonder if she has grown tired. It could be that Simone is ready to retire, but not before clearing up a few things during the upcoming Married to Medicine reunion.  

Simone’s History with Quad

Simone Whitmore/Instagram

Part one of the Married to Medicine reunion was loud and emotionally charged. Quad Webb was welcomed back to the couch for the first time since the group kicked her out of the girls’ trip. Now, I’ve been watching the series since day one, and even I missed how much animosity Simone had for Quad. For the most part, Dr. Simone gets past her issues with the ladies pretty quickly. However, for some reason, this broken union stung a bit more for the mother of two. 

Tragedy has followed Quad and her family. In July 2023, Quad’s three-year-old great-niece tragically passed away after drowning in her pool. During a heated conversation as Quad was being read all her past bad friend moments, Dr. Simone brought a tragic incident as an example. Simone noted that she had tried to be there as a friend, but Quad had already shut her out. Quad begged for Simone to keep quiet. However, the OBGYN pushed through, sharing that even in her time of grief, Quad was cold. 

Married to Medicine Fans React


Bravo followers had a visceral reaction to Dr. Simone’s chess move, with one writing, “This was disgusting for Dr. Simone to do. To use Quad’s trauma regarding her family to prove a point of Quad not being a good friend. She said her name twice, and she ignored her. Simone went too low here. Damn.”

In the background, Quad wailed loudly as Simone revealed she had never been invited to her so-called friend’s home without the cameras rolling. Another Married to Medicine fan noted, “Why would Simone say that? Why would she bring that up? That is despicable. She is just loud and stank. That information about Quad did not need to be said.”

Another X user wrote, “Dr. Simone should not have brought up the tragedy that occurred in Quad’s life. That wasn’t her place. I was extremely disappointed in her doing that. Did she not think about how Quad would feel having to relive that horrible tragedy? That was tacky of Dr. Simone.”

Simone’s behavior felt a bit childish as it was clear that Quad didn’t want to relive the trauma. Fans speculated that Dr. Simone wasn’t only going hard for Quad because she didn’t want to hurt her relationship with Toya Harris, who has famously had a long-time feud with the ousted Bravo star. The whole scene felt a bit petty since you can clearly have more than one best friend. 

Let’s Just Be Friends

Bringing up Quad’s tragedy from last year wasn’t a good look, Simone. But in Dr. Simone’s defense, I think she was extremely hurt, which to me means these two women had a real friendship at one point. Simone and Cecil have invited Quad into their home for years, so to be given the cold shoulder must have been extremely hard to swallow.