Summer House Season 8, Episode 3 Recap: Run, Carl, Run!

Summer House Season 8, Episode 3
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Welcome back for our Summer House Season 8, Episode 3 recap! In this week’s episode, titled “Elephant on the Beach,” Carl gets relationship advice from several sources, Jesse can’t stop flirting with Paige despite her already having a boyfriend, and West asks Ciara out to dinner. And even though Carl and Lindsay make up following their big fight, everyone but Carl and Lindsay can see the gigantic red flags waving. Here are some of the highlights from Summer House Season 8, Episode 3.

How many times can Carl fall on his sword?

Summer House Season 8, Episode 3
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We pick up right where we left off last week, with Carl and Lindsay fighting.

A producer asks Lindsay, “Did you at any point think that Carl was not sober?”

“No,” Lindsay responds.

“Why did you [say], ‘You’re not acting sober, you’re not sober’?”

“I 1000% should have used … more delicate words in that moment,” she admits. “But I’m so taken aback by his aggressiveness … He is treating me in a way that is, like, startling, and it’s very much old Carl.”

Meanwhile, Carl and Kyle are talking in the backyard. “Can I just be honest?” Kyle asks. “The thing [Lindsay] kept saying that really rubbed me weird was, ‘What are you on?’ I love Lindsay to death, but my biggest issue as a friend for years has been, like, she just never takes accountability [or] responsibility. She never owns up.”

“The way I deal with her,” Kyle continues, “is I either fall on the sword and be, like, ‘Yeah, you’re right.’ Or you just don’t deal. That’s worked for me. But it doesn’t work if you’re in [Carl’s] shoes.”

Kyle insists, “Last night was unacceptable.”

“I’ve heard her say some crazy sh*t in the past,” he interviews. “But this is next level. This is literally taking all the work Carl’s been putting in and stripping that away.”

“The wedding is like what, November?” Kyle goes on. “It’s July. I mean, does it freak you out?”

“It scares me,” Carl confesses. “It makes me sad more than anything.”

“How many times does something go down like that,” Kyle says, “where she’s pinning it on you when it literally had nothing to do with you? Cause that’s a long life of, like, falling on the sword.”

Jesse can’t stop flirting with Paige

Jesse Solomon
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“So last night we were at the club,” Paige tells Amanda and Ciara. “[Jesse] leans over to say something to West, but he puts his hand on my knee. And I was immediately like, ‘You can’t do that.’ [He’s] kind of laying it on thick.”

“My boyfriend will beat your ass,” Paige says, “if you keep [doing] sh*t like that.”

“I wouldn’t say Craig is a jealous person,” Paige interviews. “But he has his moments, and I want Craig to always be friends with everyone I live with. So I don’t want Craig thinking, ‘Oh, there’s the guy that likes my girlfriend.’ Now if Craig told me that another girl touched his leg at a club, I’d get my ass on a plane, and I’d be in Charleston in two hours. I’ve done more for less, let’s be honest.”

“I’m not uncomfortable,” Paige tells Amanda. “I’m uncomfortable for him.”

“Craig is a sweetheart,” Amanda observes, “until you f*ck with Paige.”

The elephant on the beach

Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard
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When Lindsay and Danielle are chatting at the beach, Lindsay mentions that Danielle hasn’t RSVP’d to the wedding yet.

“Okay, the elephant on the beach, I suppose,” Danielle says. “Do you actually want me there?” After the events of last summer, when Danielle had her giant freakout at Lindsay’s engagement party, I can understand her hesitancy.

“Yes,” Lindsay answers.

“I just didn’t want [you to feel like you] had to invite me,” Danielle says. “If you want me there, I’m there.”

“Of course,” Lindsay says. “So, is this your RSVP?”

“I’ll do it formally,” she laughs, as they clink red solo cups.

“Lindsay and I are off to a great start,” Danielle says in an interview. “We went into this summer having a great conversation and setting boundaries, and I just like where we are now. We’re rebuilding.”

Paige encourages West to pursue Ciara

West Wilson for Summer House Season 8
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West and Paige walk down to the water. “Whoa, those are big waves,” Paige says, eyeing the 6” ripples. Come to California, Paige. We’ll show you waves. Ever heard of Mavericks Beach? Waves have been recorded over 60′ high. They have surf competitions there in the winter.

“I feel like you’re fitting in so seamlessly,” she tells him. “Like we’re friends for life now.”

“I would be f*cking heartbroken if that wasn’t … the case,” he says.

“You have great taste in people,” Paige continues. “Flirting with Ciara.”

“Does that feel right in your eyes?” he asks.

“It feels right for me, yes,” she says. Let’s hope Ciara feels that way, too.

“Coming into the house, I wasn’t looking for, really, anything,” West interviews. “I just wanted to see what was gonna happen. But I have a little baby crush on Ciara.” I hope it works out because she deserves someone nice, sweet, and solid. Like West.

West decides to ask Ciara out for dinner, and Paige says she would be “so down for that.”

Carl and Lindsay work it out

Summer House Season 8, Episode 3 recap
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Carl asks Lindsay, “Did you wanna have a talk, please?” She agrees, and they walk away from the group to sit in the sand.

“I just needed a moment after this morning to kinda get my head in order,” Carl says. “I didn’t mean to dismiss you last night or this morning.”

When Carl says, “I love you,” she responds, “I know.” Nice.

“Listen, this first weekend,” Carl continues, “I know I had some anxiety. I knew you had some. I was trying to comfort you a little bit last night. So I thought.”

“In those moments, I’m not understanding where your mood even came from last night,” she says. “You’re just like being very aggressive and, like, rude and mean to me … What happened? Like, were you mad at me?”

“You made those comments last night,” he answers. “It hurts to hear, ‘Are you on drugs?’ It seemed like … you really thought I was lying to you and saying that I’m not sober, but you were not sober.”

“I have PTSD from old Carl sometimes,” she says. “Old Carl, like, to me, came out last night, and I’m, like, trying to [figure out] why.”

“I’m scared of old Carl, too,” he admits. “I have emotions, too. It’s the last summer before we get married. Who knows what’s gonna happen next summer? … So, I feel like this is our chance to, like, put all our energy into this first weekend and start off on a new foot.”

“I think that’s very fair,” she says.

They agree to have a great weekend and exchange “I love you’s.” For the moment, all is forgiven.

Ciara confronts Carl about his relationship

Ciara Miller for Summer House Season 8
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Carl, Danielle, Amanda, West and Ciara go out to dinner, while the rest of the housemates stay home to keep the dogs company. Amanda comments on how nice it is to have Carl with them tonight. “I think it’s good to sometimes do different things from your significant other,” she says.

“We do spend a ton of time together,” Carl admits. “[Too much time together] causes more friction. I felt like last night … she was pretty upset with me … She felt like I dismissed her.”

When Paige asks if Lindsay was drinking last night, Carl admits, “She was.”

“How the f*ck do you think you’re going to maintain that in the long run,” Ciara asks, “like, being in a relationship with someone who drinks and has a tendency to be, like, kind of obnoxious and rude when she’s drinking?”

“I feel like she’s gotten a lot better than years past,” he says. Really, Carl? Last night seemed like just another episode of “When’s the last time you made me a sandwich?”

“We go to couples therapy,” he adds. “It’s hard sometimes. But I will say we always come back together.” Until you don’t.

West and Ciara go to dinner in NYC

West asks Ciara, “What’s your week look like? … You’re busy Thursday.”

“Why am I busy Thursday?” she asks.

“Dinner, clearly,” he smiles.

“Are you asking me to dinner?”

“Yeah,” he says. “Can you handle that?”

“Can you handle that?” she laughs.

“No, probably not, honestly,” he jokes.

“I”ve been on a zillion first dates in New York City,” West interviews. “But this one, the stakes are much higher … So, I gotta f*cking bring it.”

On Thursday, Ciara notices him sweating and asks, “Are you nervous?”

“Can you tell?” he laughs.

“I kind of am,” she admits.

“Wait, I love hearing that you’re nervous,” he says. “That fires me up.”

“Wait, can I just say that I love that you have your nipples out on our first date,” Ciara teases. West is wearing a mesh shirt.

“I had a lot of thought about it,” he deadpans. “Tried on two other shirts. And I was like, ‘What the f*ck?’ You’ve seen ‘em [at the beach]. Are they distracting?”

“No,” she says. “I actually was gonna wear mine out, too, but … “

“Liar,” he responds.

Ciara interviews, “I usually date guys that are, like, in their mid-30s. 33 is, like, the youngest, and he’s 28. It just makes me a little bit nervous. I think guys that age, they … having the time of their life … But this sh*t has not worked yet, so I might as well just do the opposite of what I’ve been doing.”

“I like him,” Ciara admits. “But it’s in my DNA to be an intentional dater. I do want to be in a relationship, ultimately … I’m not jumping into anything right off the bat.” They do seem to have a ton of chemistry.

Lindsay shuts down Carl’s career idea

Lindsay Hubbard for Summer House Season 8
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Lindsay meets Carl in a sober bar. “Something I want to talk to you about,” Carl begins, “I’ve been relishing in the fact that I haven’t had to … work full-time. It’s been nice taking a little break. Like, I needed that break.”

“What do you want to do?” Linds asks. “Because, like, you always say what you want to do, but there’s not a lot of movement towards actually doing it.”

“I mean, obviously, the alarm will sound, at some point,” he says.

“It’s [already] sounding for me,” she responds. “If sh*t hits the fan, I can always, like, reopen my PR firm … But taking care of children and then, you know, … I gotta be realistic with my time, as well.” Carl just nods, since he can’t seem to get a word in edgewise.

“So, I’m more comfortable personally if there’s, like, a plan,” she adds.

“By the end of the summer,” Carl says, “I should really [have a plan].”

“Okay,” she says. “Perfect. I love that.”

“So, I’m proud to be a voice for things that I’ve been through,” Carl shares, “and, hopefully, help other people … What about … a sober sports bar?”

Lindsay looks less than thrilled with his idea and pours cold water all over it. “I’m gonna have to say no to that one. Working in the hospitality industry my entire life … I don’t want that for our future family.”

Okay then. I can see who wears the pants in this family. Run, Carl, run! Oh, that’s right. He did.

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