Summer House: How Did Carl Radke Turn The Switch So Quickly On His Relationship?

Lindsay Hubbard Carl Radke
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It happens every day. The long-term couple who have been together for years just waking up and feeling the ick towards each other. But usually, there are signs of a failing relationship, whether it be spending too much time apart, cheating, or noticeable incompatibility traits. However, Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke of Summer House felt like two peas in a pod. Both were thrust into the limelight. Both worked in New York City. And both wanted to make a name for themselves. So it made total sense when viewers learned that a spark of love had ignited their passion for one another. 

What could have been …

Carl Radke/Instagram

I am still a bit shaken up by Carl and Lindsay’s breakup, and I wasn’t even a part of it. So, I can imagine Lindsay might be racking her brain to think of a moment where it all went wrong. Did she ask for too many sandwiches? Did Carl accidentally activate her? According to the trailer, Lindsay was blindsided by the split. Still, Carl seemed to have a more down-to-earth approach and stamped timeline on when it all went wrong, telling cameras, “She’s gonna spin this and tell everybody she’s blindsided — I’ll be the bad guy, that’s fine — but she’s lying about the things that have gone on the last year.” 

According to Lindsay via ET, “There was nothing over summer that indicated a breakup. It was a normal relationship. You fight, you have conflict, you have arguments and you communicate and work through it, especially when you’re at that level of a relationship, where you’re engaged, about to be married in two months. You work through things, you don’t run away.”

When did the light go out?

Carl Radke/Instagram

So when did the time come for Lindsay to be left in the dark about her own love life? Lindsay is not about to go quietly into the shadows and become a spinster, and she had facts to back up her argument, sharing that just two weeks before their ill-fated wedding was canceled, he made a surprise appearance at her bridal shower. Fans recall this because we were bombarded with photos all over social media. And they both looked pretty happy to me. Just saying.

Lindsay is also scratching her head as she asks, “What happened in two weeks? I don’t know. And also, how do you flip a switch that quickly, unless you’re either faking it; pretending? So yeah, of course, I’m blindsided. I’m planning a wedding. The whole season is me planning a wedding!” Looking back at the bombshell conversation, Lindsay shared, “I sat down on my couch looking to repair a conflict about careers and future finances. I was like, OK, we have to get on the same page. Like, we had this conflict the other day about what we’re doing in life and how we’re making money, and that’s when I sat down thinking that we were repairing the conflict. And he sat down with a very different vibe.” 

The vibe was off

Carl Radke/Instagram

There is no doubt that the “vibe” was off since Carl had decided to jump head first out of the relationship. Now, with some time between them, Lindsay has begun to dissect when the love switch was turned off. The Hubb House owner lamented, “I thought that I knew everything about him. I was in love with Carl for many years before we were ever together, like, he’s such a lovable guy, he’s like an oversized teddy bear.” Now we know Carl has shared that Lindsay accused him of doing drugs again in the sneak peek, so I wonder if he just couldn’t deal with that type of personality. 

Sadly, Lindsay might have been under a spell and may never have noticed the red flags waving in her face. The PR guru revealed, “I think because of how much I was in love with him, I put on blinders to the red flags in regards to our future, and then after everything was said and done, and we broke up and the space that I got between the relationship and myself as an individual, you uncover all the red flags that you were putting blinders up against, and that’s essentially what happened.” 

I only hope both Carl and Lindsay can find closure. And if they can’t, then let the Bravo gods show us the chaos that is about to ensue.