Are Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Really Separated, or Just Promoting The Valley?

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When Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright announced their separation, Bravo fans were instantly skeptical. Many wondered if the separation was just a publicity stunt for their new show The Valley. That question still lingers, despite the couple’s denial.

Adding to the PR speculation, the Vanderpump Rules spin-off isn’t getting great buzz. Frankly, to quote Jax and Brittany’s former VPR co-star Peter Madrigal, The Valley “looks like garbage”. The consensus is, who asked for this? No one seemed particularly interested. The split news is the most press the upcoming series has received so far.

It’s no secret that Jax and Brittany were desperate to return to the reality TV limelight. The two milked Scandoval into multiple tv appearances and Peacock-exclusive specials. Would they fake a split to keep extending their 15 minutes of fame? Here’s why we’re still suspicious.

The Timing Is Convenient


Since The Valley’s buzz is so muted, Bravo fans may not realize it premieres very soon. The first episode airs on March 19th. Split speculation began in mid-February, and Brittany confirmed they were taking time apart on February 29th. All this happened shortly after the first (and, aside from a brief teaser, seemingly only) The Valley Season 1 trailer came out. The timing is just a little too convenient, which makes the whole thing smell fishy.

Jax and Brittany’s Stories Don’t Match Up

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If it is a PR scheme, Jax and Brittany can’t keep their stories straight. After the announcement, Jax claimed Brittany had moved back to their home, and that they were working through it. The next day, Brittany was photographed moving into a rental. She also told the press that Jax wasn’t working on their marriage. Of course, their willingness to have paparazzi document every moment adds to the PR speculation.

Every VPR viewer knows that Jax is a notorious liar. On House of Villains, he even lied about Brittany having a stroke. And he’s had plenty of delusional moments of denial. Plus, he’s very stubborn. Just recently, he pushed back on claims that his bar hurt the marriage. So, this might be a sign that the separation is real.

How Will The Break Up Play Out On The Valley?

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A few days after the split news, cameras picked back up for The Valley to capture the aftermath. Bravo did the same thing twice last year, first for Scandoval, and then with Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s split on RHOBH. Those were the two biggest stories on Bravo (and reality TV overall) last year. So, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to wonder if Jax and Brittany’s separation announcement is a ploy to chase that level of buzz.

Before filming picked back up, Brittany was already saying that the reasons for the split would play out on The Valley. Telling people they have to watch to see the full story doesn’t help her argument that the split isn’t to promote the show.

After Everything, Would Brittany Leave Jax & The Valley?

Brittany Cartwright
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For longtime VPR viewers, the question for Brittany is…why now? Brittany said Jax disrespected her in some way, but he’s been doing that from the start. In Vanderpump Rules Season 4, he lied to her about flirting with Lala Kent. In Season 5, he spread a rumor that Brittany hooked up with Kristen Doute. And of course, Season 6 was marked by the infamous Faith Stowers cheating scandal.

Amidst all these moments, Jax always treated her poorly (as he did with previous girlfriends). He was always yelling and talking down to her. They fought constantly. After he cheated with Faith, a recording came out where he bashed Brittany and said he wasn’t attracted to her. And she still took him back- only for him to humiliate and dump her out of the blue.

Every time someone pointed out Jax’s many red flags, Brittany got defensive. Remember her meltdown over a joke “don’t do it Brittany” sign at her bachelorette? If she finally realized he won’t change, then good for her. Brittany has a problematic history, but no one deserves that. However, it also makes sense why longtime viewers are skeptical.