Does Summer House’s Amanda Batula Even Like Kyle Cooke?

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula
Photo by: Felix Kunze/Bravo via Getty Images

Summer House Season 8 premiered last week. It already has fans talking about the state of some of the house relationships. Specifically Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula. The duo have only been married for two years, but it seems that they may have fallen off the tracks a bit. The two first met during Season 1 when Amanda was an overnight house guest (aka a bar hookup). She somehow won over Kyle’s playboy heart. Over the years, Amanda has had to deal with quite a lot of drama from Kyle. I wonder if she even remembers why she fell in love with him in the first place. It is starting to feel like the newlyweds are not fans of one another, with the seven-year itch turning into the two-year scratch.

Amanda is Visibly Annoyed With Kyle

Amanda Batula/Instagram

Listen, every so often, your partner will annoy the ever-living hell out of you, but you just scream into your pillow and move on. But for Amanda, this doesn’t seem to be the case. It is obvious Kyle rubs her the wrong way. During the premiere, Amanda made it clear Kyle is on her shit list as she told the ladies of the house, “I might be in my no patience era, for Kyle specifically.” I don’t think the dog mom ever forgave her husband for cheating, and it has led to a toxic dynamic where Kyle is constantly having to prove himself worthy. 

 It’s understandable to be unable to forgive infidelity, but if you choose to stay with someone after they cheat, you must forgive them, or the relationship won’t work. To constantly be annoyed with Kyle seems to be a micro red flag. Yes, Kyle is flawed, but he does a lot for her, yet he is rarely given the credit. 

She Doesn’t Want To Spend Time With Kyle

Amanda Batula/Instagram

Episode 1 showed the couple and the rest of their roomies enjoying the local fair, where Kyle won a Rasta banana, which became his new best friend. Fans have rarely seen Kyle vulnerable, but he tried telling Amanda he was feeling like they were drifting apart, noting he wanted to spend more time together. Kyle opened up to his wife, noting, “I know we do really good hanging out with our friends separately. What I want for this summer is for us to actually spend more time together. We’re like the anti-attached-at-the-hip couple.”

But Amanda had other ideas as she quickly turned the tables, telling Kyle he only had himself to blame, pointing out, “All you do is spend time in your office. I’m home, and I’m taking care of the dogs, and I’m watching TV, so I’m fine.” If I were Kyle, I would be extremely worried that Amanda has grown comfortable being away from him. The scene didn’t feel like our typical annoyed Amanda but rather an angry Amanda. The two just seem to coexist, and that is tough to watch. I’m sure there will be a lot of cringy Kymanda moments to come this season still.

Both Are Questioning Having Children Together

Amanda Batula/Instagram

I just don’t think Amanda likes her husband anymore. Between his over-the-top antics, mullet, and ability to still party hard at 40, it is probably a lot of mini-icks all adding up. Amanda has always wanted to start a family, but something has shifted as she shared with Bravo cameras, “Over the winter, I ended up taking a pregnancy test. And I feel like ever since, we haven’t been in a really good place. Taking that test really made us start to think about like what’s next for us. And we’re not ready.”

A lot has changed for Amanda to say she knows they aren’t ready for kids. Firstly, I don’t think they should work together anymore as Amanda seems to have built up a little pile of resentment towards her boss, I mean husband. And the main reason I think the two are not ready for kids is because they are not done with their time at Summer House. It is one thing to have Carl Radke as the sober guy, but to then add a pregnant Amanda would be the nail in the coffin for the series.