The Craziest Moments From The Traitors Season 2

Photo by: Euan Cherry/PEACOCK via Getty Images

The Traitors Season 2 came to a nail-biting, shocking conclusion. In the end, the final Traitor standing, Below Deck alum Kate Chastain, was banished. This epic season gave viewers some of the best Traitors ever to play the game.

The game kicked off with host Alan Cumming selecting the Traitors. The two original Traitors were Big Brother star Dan Gheesling and former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks. They recruited Survivor legend Parvati Shallow to join their group.

There were surprise twists, shifting alliances, and superb gameplay in Alan’s Scottish castle. Let’s look back at the craziest moments from The Traitors Season 2.

Pavarti murders in plain sight

One of the Traitors had to murder in plain sight. And Pavarti knew this mission was made for her. Dan helped her retrieve a rusty chalice from a book. As time was running out, Pavarti realized that the only person who would drink from the strange cup was her friend, Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu.

The next morning, the three Traitors were shocked when Ekin-Su arrived for breakfast. It was a slow-acting poison, leading to one of the season’s most memorable episodes: the funeral.

Phaedra confronted Pavarti for calling attention to the housewives

Photo by: Euan Cherry/Peacock

At a roundtable, Pavarti mentioned that a housewife has experience with acting, which is an asset for a Traitor. Phaedra called her out, warning, “So, don’t do the Housewives thing, honey. Don’t do that, Parvati,” Phaedra said, enunciating every syllable of Parvati’s name.

But Phaedra wasn’t done putting her fellow Traitors in their place. In the turret, Phaedra warned both Dan and Parvati to play fair. “And if you don’t, you ‘gon have more problems than a Faithful,” she added. Phaedra truly is the Queen of the Traitors.

Kate Chastain returns to the game

Kate played last season as a Faithful, and she was given that role again. But the competitors were told that she could be either a Faithful or a Traitor. She entered the game during Episode 5, and I wish that she had come in sooner.

While the group was trying to wrap their heads around a new, experienced player entering the game, Kate got down to business. “Tell me everything! Who do we hate?” she asked. Kate doesn’t play a quiet game, and she is the perfect instrument to add some chaos to the proceedings.

Peter sets a trap for the Traitors

The Bachelor star Peter Weber was underestimated by everyone in the game. Well, except for his little group of Faithfuls, nicknamed the “Peter Pals” by Phaedra. Frustrated by their inability to find a Traitor, he devised a clever plan. He told Pavarti, Chris “CT” Tamburello, and Dan, separately and privately, that he had a shield. If a player had a shield, then they couldn’t be murdered.

In reality, Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen of Love Island USA, had the shield. Since Bergie gave Dan a lot of heat at that night’s roundtable, Dan wanted to murder him. Pavarti thought it was a trap, but Dan dismissed her concerns.

So, when “Bergilicious” skipped into breakfast the next morning waving his shield, it was the Traitors’ worst nightmare. Peter had confirmed that one, or more, of the trio was a Traitor. His Traitor trap was one of the craziest moments from the Traitors Season 2.

Phaedra destroyed Dan at the roundtable

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In a last-ditch attempt to save his life, Dan claimed that Phaedra was a Traitor. She was shocked, but still flawlessly dismantled his arguments one by one. Dan told Entertainment Weekly, “But Phaedra in hand-to-hand combat at that table shredded me up.” Dan may have been banished, but he ultimately destroyed Phaedra’s game by casting suspicion upon her. Otherwise, I think she could have made it to the finale.

Peter refused the Traitor’s offer

Since the Traitors were down to a duo, Alan allowed them the chance to forgo murdering someone and instead try to recruit a Faithful. Peter was hot on Pavarti’s trail, so she decided that it would be wise to recruit him. When Alan returned later to inform Phaedra and Parvati that Peter refused, they were…annoyed. Peter didn’t want to betray his allies, so he had to remain a Faithful. BORING!

Phaedra’s big mistake

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Phaedra made one huge error in the game. During a challenge, she targeted Trishelle Cannatella’s pane of glass with a crossbow. The person whose glass was shattered couldn’t win a shield to keep them safe. The problem? The entire group had figured out a strategy that was winning them money. And Trishelle’s glass was far away from that pattern.

Every miss cost the group funds from the grand prize. Since Trishelle had been calling Phaedra a Traitor, Phaedra’s decision to target her looked sus.

Kate’s diss during Phaedra’s banishment

Kate, as a newly recruited Traitor, worked overtime trying to direct other players away from Phaedra. Meanwhile, at that night’s roundtable, Phaedra didn’t feel comfortable mentioning someone else for banishment. This was her fourth roundtable as the main target. But Kate wasn’t pleased with Phaedra’s non-fighting spirit.

“Phaedra, my vote’s for you because there’s not a person at this table besides you who I could even stomach voting for,” Kate said. “[While playing] this game, you’re more selfish than skillful.”

Kate’s over-the-top remarks to Phaedra clued in the rest of the Faithfuls that she was a Traitor. Kate made it to the final four but was banished at the Fire of Truth.

A stunning twist at the Fire of Truth

Photo by: Euan Cherry/Peacock

After Kate’s banishment, three Faithfuls remained in the game with over $200,000 at stake. Trishelle, CT, and Mercedes “MJ” Javid from Shahs of Sunset voted on whether or not to end the game. While MJ wanted to end it, both CT and Trishelle wanted another banishment. But the most jaw-dropping moment was when Trishelle voted for CT!

Since everyone voted for each other, they had to vote again. In the end, a heartbroken MJ was banished, leaving Trishelle and CT to split the prize.