Carl Radke’s Worst Moments on Summer House

Carl Radke
(Photo by Greg Doherty/Bravo via Getty Images)

Carl Radke is a self-proclaimed “recovering f*ckboy.” The Summer House star has come a long way since the first few seasons and has been candid about how he used to be a player.

As we gear up for what might be Carl’s most controversial season to date, given his recent breakup with his former fiancé Lindsay Hubbard, let’s take a look back at some of his worst moments on Summer House.

No Stress, More Life

(Photo by Greg Doherty/Bravo via Getty Images)

Carl returned to the Hamptons for Season 2 with a signature catchphrase that everyone hated. “No stress, more life” became his motto for the summer and served as a way for the Bravo star to avoid any kind of responsibility.

His co-stars worried about his new approach to life, which included being drunk all day and leading on Lauren Wirkus. It was not a good look for him.

Kyle Cooke summed up Carl’s cringe new catchphrase perfectly when he said, “Dude, stop quoting rappers. Rappers wouldn’t want to hang out with you. You’re white as f*ck.” Lol. True.

The Season 2 Dinner Party from Hell


In the Season 2 premiere, Carl showed up super drunk to the dinner Stephen McGee spent all day organizing. He was combative and offended several of his co-stars. Even Kyle told him to “get a grip,” which is really saying something.

Lying to Lauren About Being Exclusive

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Carl had a strong aversion to commitment in his first few seasons but that wasn’t communicated to Lauren. In the Season 2 premiere, Lauren explained that she and Carl dated in the fall after Season 1. She said she was under the impression he wasn’t not sleeping with other girls but later found out that exclusivity was not a word in his vocabulary.

He totally played her in the first two seasons and it was really hard to watch. He definitely triggered out F-boy radar.

His “Locker Talk” Moment

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In Season 3, Carl was pursuing Paige DeSorbo, who was only semi-interested in him. He was used to girls being obsessed with him, so Paige not immediately fawning over him seemed to really puzzle him. Cue eye-roll!

Naturally, he accused her of leading him on and told all his buddies that she said she “wanted to f*** him” and “was grinding on him with no underwear.” Paige denied ever saying this but even if she did, it wasn’t cool of him to tell all his friends. Hasn’t he ever heard of “don’t kiss and tell?” Come on, dude.

His First Date With Lindsay


In Season 4, Carl and Lindsay went on the worst first date ever. The best friends decided to finally address their feelings for each other but it didn’t exactly go as planned.

Carl tried to open up about his relationship fears and Lindsay clearly pressed him a little too hard because he started becoming super defensive. At one point, he started yelling at her for “disrespecting him.” Yikes.

Considering the fact that the two started taking fireball shots the second the date started, we shouldn’t have been surprised it went wrong so quickly.

When He Didn’t Include Danielle In the Proposal

(Photo by: Eugene Gologursky/Bravo via Getty Images)

Carl, Lindsay, and Danielle Olivera were joined at the hip for several seasons of Summer House. But when Carl and Lindsay became a couple, Danielle felt a little abandoned by her besties. She was very open about feeling left out of their relationship, so you think Carl would want to include her in the plan to propose to her best friend. But no. Danielle found out about the proposal when the rest of the house did and she felt super hurt that Carl didn’t mention it earlier. We understand he probably didn’t realize how much it would hurt her but it did feel a little inconsiderate.

Carl’s behavior during the first few seasons of the show is hard to look back on, knowing how much he was struggling with addiction at the time. He appears to be a very different guy since getting sober and we think that’s awesome.